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Production process of titanium glasses

22-06-02 13:21:21    By Bestsea eyewear

How does Bestsea produce Titanium glasses?

Titanium eyewear are divided into pure titanium eyewear and Beta titanium eyewear. Titanium eyewear are more and more popular with consumers. Because of their light weight, corrosion resistance, anti-allergy, anti-fatigue, and high strength, It is the first choice of fashion consumption by more and more college students, white-collar workers and elites.

So have you heard about titanium glasses? With the increasing maturity of titanium material research and development and processing technology, a variety of titanium-based frames such as pure titanium, beta titanium, and memory titanium have appeared on the market. Titanium spectacle frames are made of high-tech materials, which do not rust or deform. The method of processing titanium eyeglasses frames is to use low temperature processing. In the ultra-low temperature world, titanium will become harder and have the properties of superconductors, while steel will become fragile and incompetent. Corrosion resistance, no rust: Titanium will not rust after 5 years of immersion in the sea, while steel will be corroded and deteriorated in seawater. 

titanium eyewear

Various titanium eyeglasses

Besides, do you know how titanium eyeglasses frame are produced?

As an eyewear manufacturer in china with 15 years of production experience, Bestsea will lead you to take a look at the production process of titanium eyeglasses today. Although a pair of eyewear is small, there are many and very fine production processes. The photos of all processes are not shown here one by one. Here are some photos of the titanium frame production process uploaded below.Some pictures of our production process are not comprehensive and clear, and some pictures are borrowed from the Internet. Please watch and understand.

1. Design the style, according to the customer's brand, logo, and requirements, design the style that the customer wants. Because we are an OEM&ODM eyewear manufacturer, every time we meet a new customer, our first step is to design the design for the customer. Our designers have rich imagination and comprehension, and Most of the time, our designers can design the style that the customer likes, directly hit the customer's heart.

2. After the customer confirms the design, the engineer starts to make the CAD drawing, and makes the appropriate size according to the customer in different countries and the customer group of the customer.

3. After the two drawings are confirmed by the customer, the process of making the sample begins. The sample not only allows the customer to have a more intuitive and clear access to the eyewear he wants to make, but a pair of glasses changes from a drawing to a 1:1 real object and appears in front of the customer and us. This is also a test of our production technology. Our production technology has a more comprehensive understanding and further enhances the customer's trust in us.

4. After the sample is confirmed, it begins to enter the stage of mass production of customer orders. Come!let's start watching the production site of titanium eyeglasses frames together.

5. Make the mould, and Integrated pressing of titanium eyeglasses frames.

Make the mould

Make the mould

6. Set up the soldering datas,Rimlock soldering 

Rimlock soldering
Rimlock soldering
7. Rimwire laser soldering
8. Bridge soldering
Bridge soldering
Bridge soldering
9. Endpiece soldering
Endpiece soldering
Endpiece soldering 
10. Pad arms soldering
Pad arms soldering
Pad arms soldering 
11. Polishing
12. Vacuum plating (IP plating)
13. Automatic cleaning to purify the surface    
14. AI robot color spraying   
15. Lens cutting    
16. Adjustment
The above is part of the production process of the titanium glasses frame. There are still some processes that have not been introduced in detail, such as temple production, temple installation, tip installation and bending, etc. These processes may involve the logo and brand information of our existing customers. ,We didn't show it to everyone. If you also want to know more detailed production process, if one day you become our customer, we will show you more detailed and clearer photos, of course they are all about your own brand of eyewear.


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