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Do you know how to identify pure titanium glasses?

22-06-20 17:37:06    By Bestsea eyewear

Do you know how to identify pure titanium glasses?

Titanium is widely used in the eyewear industry because it is not easy to deform, fade, and has strong stability. Spectacle frames made of titanium can highlight noble taste and elegant temperament. Pure titanium eyeglasses frames are more and more popular among consumers because of their advantages of light weight, corrosion resistance, anti-allergy, anti-fatigue and high strength. Pure titanium eyewear is the first choice for fashion consumption by more and more college students, white-collar workers and elites. So have you heard about pure titanium glasses frames? eyewear frames made of titanium can be divided into three types: pure titanium, titanium alloy and beta titanium frames. With the increasing maturity of titanium material research and development and processing technology, a variety of titanium-based frames such as pure titanium, beta titanium, and memory titanium have appeared in the market. Under the trend of interests, some illegal eyewear manufacturers imitated pure titanium frames... So how to identify whether it is a pure titanium frame? Here are a few ways to identify pure titanium eyewear frames?

1、Observe the welding points of the nose pad stem and nose pad box

The welding of pure titanium material is oxygen-free butt welding, and the welding mark is "step"; the welding of alloy material is spot welding, and the welding mark is "slope". This is one of the effective methods to distinguish titanium frame from non titanium frame, all titanium frame and non all titanium frame.

Observe the welding points of the nose pad stem and nose pad box

2、Observe the hinge joint, whether there is a gasket

The pure titanium frame should not make direct contact between titanium and titanium at the hinge part, otherwise it is easy to cause wrinkles at the joint and poor opening and closing of the temples. Usually, two thin gaskets are embedded in the hinge part of the pure titanium eyewear frames to separate the upper and lower hinges. Therefore, checking whether there are gaskets at the hinges is also a good way to identify whether it is a pure titanium glasses. Looking at the hinge joint from the inside of the eyewear frame, you will find a small groove, which is specially designed to facilitate the removal of the gasket.

3、Magnetic Reaction with Magnets

Loosen the hinge of the eyewear frame as much as possible, and use a magnet to attract it in a free-moving state. If the temples shake under the attraction of the magnet, it means that the frame is not a pure titanium material, otherwise it means that the frame may be a titanium frame.

Magnetic Reaction with Magnets

The reaction of titanium eyewear to magnet is obviously different from that of metal eyewear

4、touch measurement method

Usually, the specific gravity of the alloy frame is about 8.9g/cm3, and the specific gravity of the pure titanium glasses is 4.5g/cm3. Since the weight of the titanium material is equivalent to half of the alloy frame, it is lighter to weigh by hand. This is one of the easy ways to differentiate titanium frames from non-titanium frames.

touch measurement method

5、Printing on the temple or lens

In order to prevent unscrupulous traders from using titanium alloy frames as pure titanium frames, consumers can refer to the above introduction for identification. Titanium spectacle frames, according to the type of titanium used, are engraved on the frame in abbreviated form, usually on the temples, as long as you pay attention, it is easy to distinguish.

Titanium is printed on the temple

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