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How to identify the true and fake horn glasses?

22-08-24 15:26:18    By Bestsea eyewear

There are endless buffalo horn glasses on the market, the prices are also very different, and the craftsmanship is also very different. Some horn glasses will be very heavy and will be regarded as a collection gimmick by some businesses. Let the consumer pay the bill, but if he wears it every day, he will also have a lot of discomfort. If consumers don't know how to identify the quality of a pair of horn eyewear, it is recommended that consumers choose brand glasses as the quality basis when purchasing horn glasses. In the future, with the accumulation of your own identification ability, you can choose your favorite horn eyeglasses.
endless buffalo horn glasses on the market
As an horn glasses brands or distributors,If you have requirements for quality and details, when choosing horn glasses suppliers, it is recommended to choose experienced professional eyewear manufacturers. Because most of the processes of buffalo horn glasses are manual operations, the workers are required to have rich experience in processing horn glasses, and inexperienced masters cannot be selected, which will cause unpredictable losses.
most of the processes of buffalo horn glasses are manual operations
How to identify real and fake horn glasses on the market? There are the following methods:
1. Try it hot or cold. What about real horn glasses, it feels cool to the touch. And fake horn glasses are not.
2. The horn character is warm and moist, crystal clear, and feels very good to the touch.
good buffalo horn glasses
3. Burning: Real horns will have a choking bone odor when burned with fire, but there will be no open flame. When the plastic burns, there will be an open flame and black smoke.
4. Friction: Real horn friction will not have static electricity and will not suck up shredded paper.
5. Density test: put the horn and plastic into the water, the real horn will sink to the bottom of the water, and the plastic will float on the surface,
6. Weigh the weight, the real is heavier, the fake is lighter
We have mastered the identification method of real and fake horn glasses, so how to distinguish the quality of buffalo horn eyeglasses?
1. Mainly from the raw materials, workmanship, thickness, gloss and processing accuracy, generally speaking, poor quality horns have poor hand feel, lack luster, dull color, cracks, and easy to break.
2. Good horns: colour and lustre is fruity, good hand feel, no static electricity, The black horn is soft and bright, black as charcoal without variegations, yellow horns are yellow and translucent, feel comfortable, each horn will have more or less black or bloodshot variegated.
Tip: Try not to scald the horns with hot water, it is easy to become brittle and break.
 each horn will have more or less black or bloodshot variegated

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