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How to make buffalo horn glasses?

21-06-30 19:43:44    By Bestsea eyewear

Many people like to hang buffalo horns as decorations in their homes.

buffalo horns as decorations in their homes

As everyone knows, this pure natural material,It is also an excellent material for making buffalo eyeglass frames,And the buffalo horn glasses are usually expensive,Once soared to 20000rmb.In order to make a pair of translucent eyeglass frames with a comfortable feel,Skilled old craftsman Must have extensive work experience.

buffalo horn frames

So how to make horn glasses?ShenZhen eyewear manufacturer will tell you:

1、Select the horn with better material from a group of horns.

2、Then place it on the band saw,Saw off part of the end of the horn.

Saw off part of the end of the horn

3、Then saw it vertically.

saw buffalo horn vertically

4、Then the tile horn is heated at high temperature.

the tile horn is heated at high temperature

5、Flattening by hydraulic pressure.

 Flattening by hydraulic pressure

6、And Smooth the uneven surface with a grinding wheel.

 Smooth the uneven surface with a grinding wheel

7、Then the workers first bond the horn to the rubber sheet, and send it into the hydraulic equipment for compaction.

 bond the horn to the rubber sheet and press

8、After evenly cutting off the leftover materials and grinding the rubber plate,Workers will also spray a layer of surface paint,The subsequent process of buffalo horn eyewear is similar to that of making acetate frame.  cutting off the leftover materials

Cutting off the leftover materials.

Spray a layer of surface paint.

Because the horn is very brittle,Therefore, the master must rely on the mold to locate,At the same time, it is necessary to ensure that the speed of the lathe is 4800 rpm,In this way, the inner and outer ring bodies can be formed at one time.

rely on the mold to locate

Of course, these semi-finished products have to go through the surface treatment.Filing end piece,pressing bridge and other processes,Then install temples of the same material,After precise testing, it can leave the factory smoothly.

semi-finished products have to go through the surface treatment

buffalo horn eyewear

I didn't understand until I saw the processing process of buffalo horn glasses.

Why are rich people happier?Even a pair of spectacle frames are made with so many hammers and chisels,The wearing effect must be extraordinary.

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