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How wood glasses are made?

22-08-26 11:59:17    By Bestsea eyewear

I have introduced the production process of acetate eyewear and titanium eyewear before, so that the editor and you can further understand the production process of glasses and deepen the understanding of the glasses production industry. Today, I will give you a brief introduction to how wood glasses are made?
Step 1: We will choose from a wide range of woods. Be it beech, oak, cherry, black gold, sandalwood, or any other kind of wood.
cutting the composite boards
Today we choose composite boards as the raw material for making wooden glasses, they are much stronger than ordinary wood. By folding them together at an angle, following the contours of the frame, to reinforce the wood as much as possible, this operation makes wooden glasses more durable and long-lasting.
Step 2: Sand this piece of wood to make it smooth.
Sand this piece of wood to make it smooth
Step 3: We use a laser cutting machine to shape the composite board, and cut out the frame of the eyewear according to the set data.
shape the composite board
Existing composite panel frames such as these hanging on the wall are all made of varying degrees of thickness, density and variety of woods, and we can use molds to extrude them all together to form thick and durable front frames for glasses. 
the front frame of the composite board
Step 4: Polish the frame of the glasses and refine the edges.
Polish the frame of the glasses and refine the edges
Step 5: Polish the nose pads according to the design drawings. The nose pads ensure the stable support of the glasses on the bridge of the nose, so make sure that it is comfortable for customers to wear.
Step 6: Making the temples.
After the temples are made and polished, the assembly of the wood glasses begins, install the temples, lock the screws, and install the lenses. The wooden glasses generally use more spring hinges, which can ensure the flexible opening and closing of the temples.
the temple and the frame have been ready
At this point, a complete pair of wood glasses is ready, but we still need to do further inspections and hold the frame. Before we send it to the customer, we need to adjust the height of the temples to ensure that they are the same on both sides, and the consumer is comfortable to wear. If it is a wooden optical frame, we must also ensure that the consumer will not cause further damage to the eyesight after wearing it.
wood sunglasses


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