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10 impressive bevel glasses

23-09-17 00:51:39    By Bestsea eyewear

Bevel glasses and bevel sunglasses are currently one of the most popular types of glasses. They are made of materials such as acetate fiber, metal, TR, or plastic, and have an unparalleled appearance. This article shares with you 10 types of acetate bevel glasses, as well as their characteristics and manufacturing process.
1. Sharp-edged acetate bevel glasses. The glasses use a black Italian acetate sheet, emitting a mirror-like luster. Impressively, there is a clear boundary at the intersection of the bevels, presenting a multifaceted effect and a resolute style. This pair of glasses combines pressing technology with traditional eyewear production technology, resulting in a more stable and sharp appearance. Its harder quality is also less prone to deformation.
Sharp-edged acetate bevel glasses
2. Classic retro round frame acetate glasses, with many retro elements, such as round frames, round legs, semicircular end pieces, circular tails, etc., each of which reflects the ultimate classic retro style. If you only look at the pictures, you may think it's plastic glasses, but it's made of acetate fiber, thanks to the advancement of glasses manufacturing technology. The combination of current suppression technology and traditional eyewear technology is the only way to achieve this perfect effect. There are many advantages to using acetate fiber to make glasses, such as a brighter surface, more perfect hinges and other details, and a stronger sense of luxury.
Classic retro round frame acetate glasses
3. Cat-eye glasses have always been one of the most fashionable and classic styles. Since ancient times, it has been favored by many women who pursue fashion. This cat's eye bevel sunglasses is made of 8mm acetate fiber, and after pressing, the inner slant of the front frame has achieved the expected effect. Of course, during the scorching summer, this eyeglass frame can also be paired with your favorite sun lens, and it becomes a pair of acetate sunglasses that can block out the sunlight.
Cat-eye glasses with bevel
4. U-shaped bevel acetate sunglasses, from BESTSEA's latest design. The characteristics of the bevel glasses are a large frame and thick, bright, and sharp edges. It's Made of double-layer acetate material, under the pressure of the machine, the U-shaped inclined surface gradually transitions to transparent yellow, revealing metal hinges at the end pieces.
U-shaped bevel acetate sunglasses
5. The following acetate sunglasses, with a clear dividing line between the transparent acetate and the tortoiseshell yellow acetate. On the outer side of the dividing line is a pressed slope. These sharp and angular slopes, like a diamond's clean and sharp cut, reflect light from different angles, dazzling and eye-catching. Manufacturers who have made laminated glasses should have encountered color bleeding during the splicing process of different acetate sheets, which we also encounter. But this transparent material and hawksbill material have clear boundaries and no color bleeding occurs, thanks to our continuously improved material lamination and cutting techniques.
bevel acetate sunglasses
6. You must be very familiar with the appearance of a cat's eye, and the design of this bevel glasses below is a more exaggerated cat's eye design, characterized by sharp inner and outer slopes. This is just a concept design, and we are combining advanced CNC machines with pressing technology to achieve the perfect effect as shown in the picture.
cat-eye bevel sunglasses
7. If you ask what are the most popular glasses in recent years? So the MONSTER acetate sunglasses below must be one of them. If it were a few years ago, glasses with this shape could only be made of plastic. After the mold was made, the plastic particles were melted in an injection molding machine and molded. But with the advancement of eyewear manufacturing technology in recent years and the improvement of machines such as CNC, acetate can now be used to make this type of glasses. In the past, glasses with this shape were defined as sports glasses because they could better fit people's faces during exercise, but now they have emerged in our daily lives and become a new fashion. The picture below is a pair of acetate bevel sunglasses.
MONSTER acetate sunglasses
8. This LOUIS VUITTON beveled sunglasses are made of the currently popular acetate, showing modern geometric beauty in the form of a multi-faceted frame. The sharply angular geometric triangular bevels of the frame and temples present a three-dimensional sense of space, highlighting luxurious and noble quality.
LOUIS VUITTON acetate bevel sunglasses
9. The following LOUIS VUITTON rimless metal bevel sunglasses use high-quality pure nylon Sunlens, and the edges are carved with smooth bevels using a diamond knife. The rimless design and chain temples add a statement touch.
LV rimless sunglasses with bevel Sunlens
10. Below is a pair of CAZAL metal acetate combined sunglasses. CAZAL has always been known for its exquisite workmanship and unique style. This model has a classic cat-eye shape, with conspicuous acetate temples, and an impressive bevel, showing luxury and beauty through fine carving with a diamond knife.
cazal sunglasses with a bevel frame

The above are some impressive bevel glasses, each with its characteristics, but most of them have a thick appearance, with a gentle and bold bevel that emphasizes individuality. These characteristics are presented more perfectly through compression technology and traditional eyewear manufacturing technology. BESTSEA is a professional OEM and ODM eyewear manufacturer that mainly designs and manufactures eyewear for some high-end eyewear brands in Europe and America. If your brand also has this demand, please contact us. This will be a win-win and mutually beneficial start. 


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