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Introduction of memory glasses

23-02-08 11:46:08    By Bestsea eyewear

In this article, let's briefly understand the memory glasses. In the eyewear market, we can see all kinds of eyewear, the most common of them are acetate glasses, metal glasses and titanium glasses. Memory glasses are generally sold at a relatively high price due to the high cost of materials and the difficulty of technology. With the restrictions of welding technology, the style and color of the glasses are relatively simple, so memory glasses frames are not very popular. Because it never deforms, can be twisted at will, instantaneous restoration of the characteristics,it is also deeply loved by some consumers. What is the memory metal? How to judge it?

To understand memory metal glasses, we first learn about memory metal materials. Memory metal is also called shape memory alloy. In the 1970s, an alloy with the function of "memory" shape appeared in the world's materials science. Memory alloy is a special metal strip, which is very easy to be bent. We put it into hot water, and the metal strip rushes forward; Put it in cold water, and the metal strip will be restored to its original state. In a cool glass tank, pull a spring straight.When the spring is put into the hot water, the spring automatically retracts. The spring recovers its original state in the cold water, while it shrinks in the hot water. The spring can stretch and retract indefinitely. It is made of a smart metal with memory. Its microstructure has two relatively stable states:1.At high temperatures, this alloy can be changed into any shape you want. 2.At lower temperatures, the alloy can be stretched. But if it is reheated, it will remember its original shape and change back. This material is called memory metal. Memory metal is mainly nickel titanium alloy material, which is widely used in many fields such as machinery, electronics, chemical industry, aerospace, energy and medical treatment. It was not applied to eyewear until the 1990s.
The advantage of memory metal is that the product made of it has very good elasticity and is difficult to deform at normal temperature. Because of this advantage, you don't have to worry about it in daily use. It is relatively sturdy and durable.
memory glasses with acetate eyebrow
No matter how you twist it, will it not deform?
Of course not. It also has shortcomings. The first disadvantage is that they are sensitive to temperature. It can be said that all memory metal glasses on the market will become very soft in zero or below zero degree environment, have no elasticity, and are easy to deform and fracture. If the temperature is too cold to soften during use, just rub it with your hands to make it warm, and the elasticity will be restored.Too cold or too hot will damage his memory performance. But we can use this disadvantage to adjust the shape of the spectacle frame. For example, when the glasses are too loose, it is impossible to adjust at room temperature. At this time, we can put it in the refrigerator to freeze, or use boiling water to heat. After the adjustment, return it to room temperature to achieve the desired shape.Of course, for this disadvantage, memory metal materials of different quality are very different. High-quality memory Metal glasses must be able to exceed low temperature tests, and can ensure stable characteristics at minus 10 degrees.Therefore, when making memory metal glasses, we have very high requirements for materials and test the materials in advance. In addition, the soldering tin and temperature of welding will also affect the performance of memory metal glasses. Therefore, only the factory with rich experience and technology can complete it well.
Because the material of memory metal is expensive and the manufacturing process is required to be high, memory metal is generally only used on some stressed parts such as the middle bar or temple. For example, the middle bar of the following memory metal glasses uses memory metal materials imported from Japan, while the materials of other parts are metal materials.
memory bridge
The following pair of temple are made of super elastic memory metal materials, while other parts are made of metal materials. Of course, if you want the frame to have super elasticity, the middle bar can also use memory metal materials.
memory temple
The above is a description of some memory metal glasses. I hope it can let you know more about memory glasses. If you want to know more about this, you can visit our relevant websites or contact us.

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