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Take you to know more about horn glasses

23-04-14 21:08:49    By Bestsea eyewear

 Horns has been used all over the world to make tools and elaborate gifts, such as combs, jewelry, and horn glasses. Horn glasses are highly respected for their lightness, comfort, natural texture and unique color. Since they come from nature, the growth environment and individual of each horn are different. Even for the same horn, the texture and color from different parts are different, so each horn frame glasses is unique. Horn frame glasses have long been prized for their beautiful and natural quality and brilliance. Horn glasses because of their rare materials, processing difficulty, its price is generally higher, and if you have a pair of resistant and hypoallergenic horn glasses, it often can be used for many years. Each pair of horn frames is a unique product for user.

a pair of horn sunglasses made of natural horn

The picture above is a pair of horn sunglasses made of natural horn.

First of all, the horn material itself is luxurious, natural and very popular. The horns used to make horn glasses mainly comes from Asia, India, Africa and South America. Cattle have been one of the most important domesticated animals ever since humans settled down. Horn is a by-product of livestock farming and is obtained only when older animals die of natural causes.
nature horn material
 Secondly, there are no toxins in used or waste materials during the production process, and they are no chemical treatments. Most of the process must be done by hand. Only horn waste from the manufacturing process, which is still used as a valuable fertilizer in agriculture and eventually returned to nature. In this era of new awareness of ecology and sustainability, you can wear your own horn glasses with a clear conscience. 
 Most of the process of horn glasses must be done by hand
Horn glasses are very different from plastic glasses, metal glasses and acetate glasses. Plastic, metal and acetate are all synthetic materials, and wearable glasses are produced through the combination of machine and labor. However, the production of horn glasses is a combination of science and art. Only by making them with heart can life continue in the horn glasses. For example, when making a pair of horn glasses, the material should be properly heated, not too high or too low, and the horn board should be oiled at the beginning. Every production process of horn glasses can only be mastered and controlled by experienced old craftsmen, so that the initial horn can be turned into a perfect work of art, a pair of high-end buffal horn glasses.
 a pair of high-end horn glasses
Pictured above is a pair of natural light brown horn-rimmed glasses.
If you spend a lot of money on horn glasses, you don't just want to keep them in your safe, you want to wear them. If properly maintained, a horn glasses can be used for many years. You should have a good habit of wearing them. When not in use, please use a special cloth to dry them and place them in the glasses case. If your glasses are dirty, always use a microfiber eyewear cloth to clean the frames, as this will prevent scratches from forming on their delicate surface. Also, use an alcohol-free optical lens cleaning solution when cleaning your frames. Horn is a natural keratin, and if left in a dry environment for a long time, you can apply baby cream evenly to the surface of the horn frame and give it a fresh look. For more knowledge about horn glasses maintenance, you can pay attention to our articles on horn glasses maintenance.
 horn glasses maintenance
Horn is a natural keratin that absorbs almost no heat, so even if you're in a hot climate, wearing horn glasses will give you a cool and pleasant feeling. Inside the keratin of the horn, there are very small pores that grow when you wear them, and they keep pace with your body temperature, always giving you the most comfortable experience. And the natural color of the horn matches almost all skin tones, and it's hypoallergenic and skin-friendly.
a pair of two-tone horn frame glasses 
Pictured above is a pair of two-tone horn frame glasses.
All in all, horn glasses are lightweight, unique colors, skin friendly, and comfortable to wear.

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