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Learn the history of horn glasses through famous brands

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Eyewear is very common, while natural horn glasses are not common. They are often a symbol of scarcity and luxury, especially high-quality buffalo eyewear frames or buffalo horn sunglasses. Here, we will learn about the history of buffalo horn glasses and select 4 unique buffalo glasses brands. By understanding them, we will have a better understanding of horn frames.

The industrial revolution of the 18th century almost changed the way society operated at that time. At that time, there was a trend of replacing human and animal production with machines, which was an important revolution in replacing individual manual production with large-scale factory mass production. To this day, with the passage of time and the constant pursuit of innovation and change, the changes and progress of human life in the past twenty years are far greater than those in the past two thousand years. In this society where technology is constantly changing and information volume is increasing, replicable standardized programs are common in various industries to stimulate consumption and improve efficiency. The only constant is that everything is changing.
industrial revolution
Human society has been constantly changing, but ultimately, some things cannot be replaced. After the hawksbill turtle was listed as a protected animal, as a rare natural material taken from the animal's body, the water buffalo horn has become one of the many eyewear frame materials currently available. Since ancient times, water buffalo horn has not only been a precious medicinal herb, but also used in the production of combs, jewelry, and rare handicrafts. After the advent of glasses, they naturally became high-end production materials.
The water buffalo horn slowly grows with the buffalo and is only removed after the buffalo naturally dies. After a series of complex processes such as soaking in hot water, high-pressure cutting, and air drying, the horns with appropriate thickness can be selected to make the frame. At this point, it is the step to formally enter the ox horn glasses. However, natural materials have uncontrollable variables, such as the high hardness and toughness of the horn itself, which makes it difficult to shape. During the cutting process, it is also necessary to be careful of the explosion caused by the naturally generated bubbles in the horn, which makes this raw material unusable and makes the ox horn material that is already difficult to obtain in large quantities even rarer.
natural horn boards
The horn is taken from the body of a water buffalo, like an extension of the skin, and does not cause allergies when worn by people. In terms of appearance, natural materials will undergo slight changes over time. The originally rough and hard ox horns were selected through horn material selection and ground by workers' hands until the finished product was completed, Most of the original patterns will be slightly different from what was originally seen. In addition, the polished horns have a higher level of texture and a unique gem-like luster, and it is not until the completion of the work that the direction and color changes of the patterns can be truly seen.
the making and polishing of buffalo horn frames
To make you a more intuitive understanding of horn glasses, next, we will choose 4 famous brands to introduce you to the unique characteristics of their buffalo horn eyeglasses.
Buffalo horn glasses Brand 1: Danish royal brand LINDBERG, Elegant and Noble.
Lindberg buffalo horn glasses
Lindberg titanium temple 
The globally renowned LINDBERG represents the design concept of the Nordic style. Since its establishment in 1986, LINDBERG's glasses have won 71 design and technology awards, and have achieved remarkable results that surpassed other professional eyewear brands. LINDBERG's horn glasses and its brand's precious metal glasses (18K pure gold, platinum, diamonds, and other elements) belong to the high-end series; Select high-quality water buffalo horns and make them into ox horn boards. Then, layer by layer, they are laminated with thin sheets. Through manual craftsmanship, a lightweight water buffalo horn frame is created, which can be customized according to customers' preferences and requirements, creating a perfectly comfortable and noble experience for you.
Lindberg titanium temples
In 2015, LINDBERG released the world's lightest and thinnest ox horn glasses with award-winning design and development. The frame surface has been specially treated to shine with a proud luster, making it less susceptible to environmental impact and erosion. Paired with pure titanium temples, the lightweight and exquisite luxury charm exudes an irresistible luxurious atmosphere and won the WALLPAPER Design Award in one go.
Lindberg buffalo and titanium glasses
Buffalo Horn glasses Brand 2: Germany's top craftsmanship HOFFMANN, a master brand specializing in producing horn frames.
HOFFMANN buffalo horn glasses
In 1978, Hoffmann which was inspired by nature was born and became famous in Europe for its specialized production of buffalo horn frames. To this day, each frame is still produced using manual procedures. Hoffmann delves deeply into special materials and has published natural materials such as slate, silk, wool, and stag horn glasses. With rigorous and superior technology and experience, he has created eye-catching ox horn glasses that captivate everyone; Skilled craftsmanship in producing horn glasses has made the horn section of the famous German eyewear brand IC! Berlin can be safely handed over to Hoffman for production.
HOFFMANN buffalo horn frames
Hoffmann's Ti series, published in 2017, surpassed European horn craftsmanship by tightly combining thin titanium metal with horns, challenging lightweight structures. It not only retains the elegant and luxurious taste of horn glasses but also uses titanium metal to enhance the overall toughness of the glasses, evolving into functional and aesthetically pleasing horn glasses. Famous British singer Elton John was also attracted by Hoffmann's buffalo horn glasses and became one of the collectors.
HOFFMANN glasses with buffalo horn eyebrow
HOFFMANN glasses with buffalo horn eyebrow
The back of HOFFMANN buffalo horn eyeglasses
the hinge of HOFFMANN buffalo horn glasses
HOFFMANN buffalo horn glasses
Hoffmann's Ti series
Buffalo Horn glasses Brand 3: Japanese Brand Ptolemy48
Ptolemy48 is based in the hometown of handmade glasses - Makojiang City, Fukui Prefecture, Japan. Its goal is to produce extremely high-quality and exquisite glasses. Since its establishment in 1998, it has always been a victorious force at the Japan Glasses Exhibition. The bold and vibrant color scheme, the clever use of lightweight materials, the perfect fusion of Japanese totem elements, and the bright jewelry embellished on the frames are always the visual focus of everyone.
Japanese Brand Ptolemy48
Ptolemy48 buffalo horn glasses
The Ptolemy48 with its rich and luxurious charm
The Ptolemy48 with its rich and luxurious charm does not take a low-key route. They launch the King Buffalo Horn series of eyewear, strictly selecting rare and shiny White horns. After careful spraying and overlapping coloring, it not only creates a perfect gradient color with a deep sense of transparency but also considers the difficulty of natural material save. Durable resin coating is used to ensure better maintenance of the finished product. The passion of the designer and the diligence and research of the eyewear master in the material also make Ptolemy48's cow horn glasses always a treasure-like collection.
Ptolemy48 buffalo horn frames
The Ptolemy48 buffalo horn frames with rich colors
Buffalo Horn Glasses Brand 4: P+US, A Symbol of Craftsmanship and Warm Texture
Founded in 2004, the Japanese brand P+US has a design team consisting of members from Germany and Hong Kong. It started with "thin steel" glasses and has been recognized by international design awards such as the German iF and Red Dot, making the brand a global focus. The ‘Flex Lock System’ is one of its highly recognizable classic designs. After understanding the eyewear process and requirements through the exclusive style of thin steel glasses, P+US has successively launched high-end series frames in the wood, rock, and cow horn series.
buffalo horn glasses brands P+US
P+US buffalo horn glasses with 'thin steel' style
The P+US ox horn glasses feature high-quality water buffalo horns as the main body, combined with the temples made of Beta titanium. The nose pad is also made of ox horn material, making the overall appearance more consistent. There are various options for frame shapes such as vintage round frames and sharp square frames, making it easy to create an approachable and tasteful outfit. Oxhorn has a warm texture and natural color, while Beta titanium has good elasticity, light texture, and corrosion resistance. After all the details are combined, it became cow horn glasses with superior appearance and wearing.
P+US eyewear
Even with the difficulty of obtaining raw materials and the complex production process, there are still many eyewear brands eagerly launching their horn frames. Although they are expensive, the inherent charm of natural materials is always hard to resist. The horn has the accumulation of time, the portrayal of climate, and the footprints of life. For many collectors and eyewear enthusiasts, buffalo horn glasses undoubtedly have an irreplaceable attraction. If you want to learn more about horn glasses, you can browse our website. The buffalo horn glasses product page shows you different types and materials, while the news page displays knowledge including technology, colors, and design of buffalo horn glasses, which will help you further understand them.



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