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Maintenance method of sunglasses

22-10-22 17:26:34    By Bestsea eyewear

On the hot summer, sunglasses are a must-have item for many people. For example, the current popular acetate sunglasses, metal sunglasses, and  horn sunglasses made of natural materials, and wooden sunglasses, etc. Due to the variety of styles and colors,sunglasses are also loved by many people.

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I bought my favorite sunglasses, but if sunglasses are not used properly, it is easy to cause damage. For example, many people like to hang sunglasses on their heads or put sunglasses in their pockets at will. Doing this is easy to damage the hinge or lens of your sunglasses. In addition, in the hot weather, if a friend who has car throws sunglasses on the dashboard in the car, the sunglasses may be heated and deformed, especially the acetate sunglasses are almost not heat resistant. In addition, cosmetics and other beauty products with chemical ingredients are also prone to changes or deform eyewear frames.

For those who like sunglasses, the sunglasses that cost a lot of money can certainly be used as long as possible. After all, the price is not cheap. The longer you use them, the more valuable they will be. This article will share with you some maintenance methods for sunglasses.

1.  If there are stains, grease or fingerprints on the lens, you can use a soft cotton cloth in a special sunglasses accessories to wipe the dust or dirt on the lens.

2. The glasses should be carefully removed and wiped when not worn.  When placing, fold it from the left temple(based on wearing), and put the glasses face up, wrap it with glasses cloth, and place it in a special bag. Careful prevention of lens and frames are scratched or squeezed for a long time.

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3. It is forbidden to dip or soak sunglasses in water for a long time. It is forbidden to place sunglasses in a fixed place to be exposed to the sun; It is prohibited to place it beside current and metal for a long time.

4. Pay attention to the corners of glasses, nose pad and other places where oil and hair are easy to accumulate. If they are not clean, they must not be washed with high temperature water or placed in a damp place.

5. Wearing glasses with one hand, it is also easy to deform the frame. If the frame is deformed or uncomfortable, you should go to the glasses shop to ask professionals to adjust.

After using glasses for a long time, there will be a certain deformation. You can refer to our related articles and adjust the glasses. But in normal use, learning some methods for sunglasses maintenance, I believe it will be helpful to you.

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