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how we make the acetate lamination glasses?

21-12-25 14:51:35    By Bestsea eyewear

Acetate glasses are one of our advantageous products, including acetate sunglasses and acetate optical. Among these eyewear, some acetate eyeglasses are spliced together by two or more colors of sheets, which are the lamination glasses that this article is going to talk about.

Lamination acetate sunglasses

this is how we make the acetate lamination eyewear?

step 1: selection of best materials

step 2: CNC milling

1).hole for tooling position

2).outer shape

3).area for lamination

CNC milling


1、100% precise and stability

2、 lowest cost,100% automation

step 3:CNC milling of second lamination acetate

CNC milling of second lamination acetate

advantage:100% precise and 100% stable

step 4:seal the hole with high heat resistance tape to avoid chemical lamintion solution from leaking to location hole.

seal the hole

step 5:soak acetate with chemical lamination water.

soak acetate

step 6:finalize the lamination shape by tooling.


1、100% precise and stable with exact shape and dimension for each particular style

2、the strongest lamination between acetate

3、the clearest lamination lines

step 7:finalize the shape by machine 10 mins hot pressing and 10 mins cold pressing.

Advantage:strongest lamination between acetate

step 8: cool down in room temperature

step 9:shrinking - stabilizing of  acetate

acetate are to be put into the oven with temperature of  60 degrees for 72 hours


1、perfectly flatten

2、eliminate moisture

step 10:CNC shaving by 100% autimatic machine → cleaning the  overflown part after laminated


1、lowest cost,100% automation

2. 100% stability with smallest limitation

3. hightest level ofsafety,with 0 labor required.

step 11:bridge bending

step 12:CNC milling or front

step 13: flat injected front hinge


1、lowest cost with no additional process required to  work on the hinge area

2、100% stability

step 14:front bending


1、exclusive Tooling

2、 100% stability

step 15:final hand polishing

step 16: assembling/packing

acetate optical frame

The above is the production process of Bestsea eyewear manufacturer acetate laminated eyeglasses.

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