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Production process of metal glasses

21-09-13 16:41:40    By Bestsea eyewear

If someone asks, what are the most popular eyewear currently? It is undoubtedly acetate glasses and metal glasses. Metal glasses are popular among consumers because of their durability, easy coloring on the surface, and resistance to corrosion. But metal eyewear are also typical labor-intensive products. From product design, to making molds, and preparing raw materials, many processes must be completed manually. Let's take a brief look at the production processes of metal glasses.

The picture below is a metal sunglasses with pure nylons sunlens.

metal sunglasses with pure nylons sunlens

The picture below is a metal sunglasses with gold color.

metal sunglasses with gold color


1- Preparation before production. This step is the same as other eyewear such as acetate glasses or titanium glasses. The first is the design drawings. According to the current popular elements, or customers' ideas and brand elements, design styles. After the design drawings are confirmed, a CAD production drawing must be drawn, and then a prototype will be made according to the CAD drawing. After the prototype is confirmed by the customer, the production of bulk order will be prepared according to the customer's order.

2- Order materials. According to the color of the eyewear ordered by the customer, order raw materials from the acetate supplier. In this process, the staff should start to make the production order. Once the materials are available, the production order and materials will be sent to the production department. 

3- Make molds. Many parts of metal eyewear must be completed through molds, and oil stamping is one of the most common processes. It is expected that the stamping mold is made, the master puts the material into the machine, and then the machine completes it. In addition, many parts do not need to make molds, such as wire cutting, corrosion, laser cutting, etc., only need to set the data in advance, put in the material, and then complete it by the machine.

make metal eyewear temple

4- Make a circle. Firstly, the eyewear model should be made according to the CAD data. After the eyewear model is completed, the automatic coiling machine is used to make the circle. Some metal eyewear with high requirements, or the ring shape is not so regular, you must use manual winding to ensure that everything is in line with the CAD drawings.

milling lenses

5- Welding. After these parts are prepared, each part must be welded together. The usual process is to burn the mouth → gong clip mouth → burn the bridge of the nose → burn the top bar → burn the pad arm → burn the hinge or spring-burn the end piece. In this link, special attention should be paid to the accuracy of the position and the cleanness of the solder, and to ensure that there is no excess solder under the condition that it can fully comply with the drawing. In order to make the position accurate, we generally use a fixed mold for welding and inspection. The following picture is the mold used when welding the middle beam.

lenses punch

6- Rolling and polishing. The process is probably similar to that of acetate glasses. The rolling is generally divided into four times, namely rough rolling, medium rolling, fine rolling and smooth rolling. After each roller is completed, it must be polished. Correspondingly, polishing is also divided into rough polishing, medium polishing, fine polishing and after the finished product is assembled. 

7-Plating. According to the requirements of the production order, it will be sent to the electroplating factory for electroplating. The method of electroplating should be reasonably selected according to the different materials and styles. The main methods are water plating, IP vacuum plating, and oil injection. The use of different electroplating materials has a great impact on quality. eyewear factories that produce high-quality products must have a good electroplating factory. Some factories use shoddy products, such as telling customers that it is real gold plating, but in fact they just add transparent yellow oil to the surface coating to make people look like real gold. Only real materials can be worthy of the trust of customers.

Correction metal eyewear frame

8- Finished product assembly. Then enter the last process. This process is basically completed manually, including printing, milling lenses, Install the lenses, temple, holding frame, clean frame and final final inspection of the final product. Each link cannot meet the quality requirements and must be returned to the original process make repairs. Then put the inspected eyewear into the glasses bag. According to the customer's request, the packaging method may be different. Some customers only require to put in the white box, and some customers directly put in their branded eyewear case, and put in the manual and eyewear cloth and other items at the same time.

Bestsea eyewear real shot

There are still many small processes in the between, so I won't list them all here. In this way, a complete metal glasses comes out. To make a pair of high-quality metal glasses frame, we must pay attention to every link, from material selection, mold making, mold refinement to the details of each process, will finally be reflected in the finished product. A pair of high-quality metal glasses is like a work of art, requiring every link of production to be very focused.

metal glasses frame with memory metal

The picture above is a pair of metal glasses frame with memory metal in the center bridge and 3D printed patterns on the temples.

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