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Nose pad for glasses

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Do you know what is nose pad for glasses?

The evolution of glasses nose pad is like the development of visual aid, at earlier period, the design of nose pad is quite simple, even rough, the main function was hold up glasses frame and keep stable on the bridge. However, with the progress of science, technology and people's pursuit of comfort, the design of nose pad for glasses has begun to change a lots. Now there are not only a variety of materials to choose, such as plastic, metal, silicone, etc, but also a variety of shapes and sizes to meet the needs of different face and nose shapes. It is worth mentioning that some high-end brand have an nose pad with adjustment function, which can be adjustment according to the height and width of the bridge of the individual, greatly improving the comfort when you wearing.the evolution from simple to diversity,from rough to delicate, from single to personalized, fully demonstrating the importance and progress of nose pad in visual aid. 
The earliest glasses nose pads probably appeared in the 16th-17th century. Europeans punched holes on both sides of the tail of the glasses, added ropes, and then hung the ropes on the ears, as shown below.
 The evolution of glasses nose pad
We would like to help you better know all aspect of nose pad for glasses, from styles, materials, designs and maintenance and so on;
 The styles Of nose pad for glasses
1.One piece glasses nose pad. Generally used in acetate glasses and plastic shown below pictures, you can see this style totally attached to the frame,some wide and some narrow,the colors can be crystal,also can be same color as could find that acetate nose pad is different with metal one, because it’s can not when choosing glasses, it is best to try whether it is comfortable first, the height of nose pad generally in US and Europe marketing is about 9cm, in Asia marketing is about 11cm. The height to measured by the distance from the surface of the frame to the other side of the nose pad.  
One piece glasses nose pad
2.Adjustable nose pad for glasses. Generally used in metal glasses and titanium glasses. Some acetate and plastic will also used it.this installed on the metal pad arms then use for the below picture you can adjust height between distance of two nose pad then find the best way to wear this is can be fit for everyone who wear glasses.The adjustable nose pad is fixed on the metal pad arms, which is generally suitable for U-shaped and L-shaped in Europe and the US, and S-shaped and L-shaped in Asia.
 Adjustable nose pad for glasses
3. Protective glasses nose pad for children. Because the skeletal development of children has not been completed, the nose pad with children's frame must have better protective performance, and the contact area must be larger than the adult frame. In addition, the material should also be soft and comfortable to avoid unnecessary pressure on the child's face. Below is a pair of plastic children's glasses fitted with a nose pad made of soft silicone.
 Protective glasses nose pad for children
The material of nose pad for glasses
the choice of materials of nose pad is very important. Different materials not only affect the wearer's experience, but also relate to the functional display. For example, silicone material is widely used because of its good elasticity and flexibility, which can effectively relieve the indentation caused by long-term wear and increase comfort. The softness of PVC material is harder than silicone, but it is not easy to deform and can be used for longtime. In addition, metal provides higher strength support, especially with heavier frames, but require handling more details to avoid wear and tear on the skin. Therefore, when choosing materials, designers will take these factors into consideration, and combine the user's personal preferences and use environment, accurate selection, which strive to achieve the best combination of comfort and functionality.
 1.Acetate Nose Pad for glasses. This generally stick to acetate frame,which call one piece nose pad. The colors can be use crystal and the same colors as frame. The size can not be larger also not too narrow. you could confirmed the height according to shape of nose between Asia and Europe. it is best to try and match the lens first, otherwise the nose bridge of the frame is not suitable for the glasses to slide.
Acetate Nose Pad for glasses
2.Pure titanium nose pad for glasses. Usually this is used to the pure titanium frame and beta titanium frames, which looks high end quality, easy to clean and not easy to age, and has a long service life. Pure titanium nose pad are produced by pressing process, which can press various patterns or brand information on the surface, looking more upscale. This can also be used on metal eye frames and acetate eye frames.
 Pure titanium nose pad for glasses
3.Silicone nose pad for glasses. This is a very soft material,usually presented as transparent or milky white, chemically stable, insoluble in water, non-toxic and tasteless, has a strong temperature adaptability and aging resistance, which can be used for a long time under natural conditions. Silicone nose pads are usually used on metal and titanium frames, and can also be connected to acetate glasses, horn glasses and wood glasses through metal pad arms.
 Silicone nose pad for glasses
4.PVC nose pad for glasses. This material have high weather resistance, which can resist ultraviolet radiation, high temperature and humidity, etc., it is very light, good strength, is one of the most common materials of nose pad. 
 PVC nose pad for glasses
5.Ceramic nose pad for glasses: beautiful and not easy to change to yellow color, but this material is too hard and easy to crack.
 Ceramic nose pad for glasses
And others material also can be made into nose pad for glasses. Such as plastic, horn, wood and nature jade, each of which has its own characteristics, giving the wearer a different feeling.
 wood nose pad for glasses
 The design of nose pad for glasses.
A lots of nose shape in different people,such as the different between in width, height and generally, Europeans and Americans have a straight and tall nose, while Asians have a flatter and shorter nose. In view of these differences, the design of the glasses nose pad must have the corresponding adaptation.
In modern glasses design, the concept of ergonomics has been deeply applied. Especially for the design of eyeglass nose pads, engineers and designers through in-depth study of the human face structure, skin characteristics and the shape of the nose, so that the nose pad can be perfectly fitted with the skin and bone structure of the user. this not only provides a more comfortable wearing experience, avoiding indentation, redness or discomfort after long term wear, but also ensures the stability of the glasses and avoids sliding and shaking caused by improper support. In addition, considering the different climatic conditions, human sweat secretion, skin oil and other factors, the material selection of the glasses nose pad has been carefully selected to ensure that it can provide a stable and comfortable wearing experience in different environments.
 design of nose pad for glasses
Glasses nose pad, this small parts are very important to our daily life. The mainly function is to disperse the pressure of bridge, when we wear glasses if without nose pad, the weight of eyeglasses will press our bridge directly, over time, maybe it’s will cause the pressure to the bridge even damage. so that’s why this small parts plays an important roles on glasses, which help us feel comfortable. In additional, when we walk, run, or doing other activities, eyeglasses should be keep in a stable position, which ensure that our vision is not affected. The nose pad is to play such a role, Therefore, when designing glasses, pay attention to it.
The shape of glasses nose pad
The nose pad is an important part of the bridge to support the glasses. Its design and manufacturing process plays a crucial role in the comfort and stability of the entire pair of glasses. With the development of science and technology and the improvement of people's aesthetic needs, the shape of nose pad is becoming more and more diversified. The following will introduce several styles.
shape of glasses nose pad
1, Nose pad design as a spherical structure, making the surface between the glasses and the nose become larger, spreading the pressure and improving the comfort. At the same time,it has a large adjustment range, which can be adjusted according to different face shapes, so that it is good for personal wearing habits. The surface of this shape is circular, which can be designed into many kinds, such as oval, square, heart and other shapes.
2, Saddle shape. which resembles a small inverted saddle, is inspired by ergonomic principles and is designed to maximize the shape of the bridge of the nose. The central groove of the saddle-shaped nose pad fits the outline of the nose well, and the nose pads on both sides provide enough support to prevent the glasses from sliding.
3, A one-piece nose pad in the shape of a half drop. Mainly on the acetate glasses and plastic glasses, it is connected with the frame, in the shape of half a water drop. The outside of the nose pad is suitable with the ergonomic principle, and also suitable with the human nose to increases the comfort. Therefore, when designing one-piece nose pad, it is necessary to pay attention to the height, Angle, length and face bend of it, so as to better for the different wearer from Europe, the United States or Asia.
When choose some personalized nose pad for eyeglasses, the key point is consider your shape of nose bridge and the types of eyeglasses.each person are not the same shape of nose,therefore please ensure the nose pad match with your nose bridge and make you wear additional,different type have different design in nose pad to suitable different weight distributions and usage scenarios,such as reading glasses,distance glasses or sunglasses.Personalized adjustment of the nose pad can not only improve the comfort of wearing the mirror, but also ensure the stability of the visual experience. After all, a suitable nasal pad is an important guarantee for comfortable wearing of mirrors. Therefore, when we choose glasses for ourselves or our friends and relatives, we must not ignore the choice and adjustment of the nose pad, which is related to whether we can have a pleasant process of wearing glasses.
Special nose pad for glasses
 The maintenance for glasses nose pad
The maintenance for nose pad is cannot be ignored. Proper cleaning and maintenance can effectively extend the service life of the glasses, but also to ensure the user's comfort and visual experience. First of all, we need to clean it regularly. When cleaning, you can use warm water or mild soapy water, wipe gently with a soft cloth, avoid use of alcohol or other harmful chemicals containing cleaning agents, in order to prevent damage to the material of the nose pad. meantime, it is also necessary to avoid using rough materials to wipe to prevent scratching the surface of the nose pad. furthermore, we need to check the status regularly, if loose, Abrasion damage and others, we should go to a professional optical shop to repair or replace in time. Because the stability of the nose pad directly affects the wearing comfort and visual effect of the glasses. Finally, when glasses are not used, they should be properly stored in the glasses case to avoid unnecessary pressure or impact on the nose pad. In general, only the proper maintenance can ensure the best use of the glasses, so that our vision is clearer and life is better.
 The maintenance for glasses nose pad
In our daily life, many users may find skin problems such as redness, swelling and itching in the position of nose pad. This is mainly due to the improper way of wearing the glasses or the sensitive reaction caused by the material. For example, if the nose pad is too tight or too hard, it will compress the nose bridge, resulting in poor blood circulation, causing redness; On the other hand, some low-quality plastic materials may contain harmful substances, and long-term connected may cause skin allergies. when facing these problems, we can take the following measures: Firstly, choose the right material, such as silicone, titanium alloy, etc., these materials have little irritation to the skin, and have good flexibility and breath ability; Secondly, regularly clean to keep the nose pad clean and hygienic, and reduce the possibility of bacterial growth; Finally, when happened allergic reactions, stop to use immediately and seek medical help. Through the above prevention and treatment, you can effectively reduce the skin problems caused by the nose pad.
Comfort for glasses nose pad
Recently, one kind of design call“without nose pad” have become popular.The glasses completely different with the traditional design and support the glasses directly through the frame. The advantage of this is simpler in appearance and does not exert pressure on the bridge of the nose. However, due to the lack of support in nose pad, the stability of these glasses may be reduced. As a professional eyewear manufacturer, we once produced one model of acetate sunglasses with a front frame of 8.0mm thick for a fashion eyewear brand in the United States. It is an without nose pad design, and the two sides of the frame have a soft arc to match the shape of the nose.
without nose pad glasses
In the eyeglasses area of nose pad,Technological innovation is advancing at an high speed. The development of new materials, such as the use of lighter, more durable and more comfortable materials, is changing the way we think about nose pad. These new materials not only improve the comfort of the glasses, but also extend the service life of the glasses. In addition, the concept of smart nose pads is gradually becoming a reality. The new concept automatically adjusts to the user's facial shape and skin type to ensure the best comfort and stability. These technological innovations will undoubtedly greatly enhance the user experience, making glasses become to more personalized and comfortable products.

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