What are nylon lenses?

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What a nylone lens? The lens in the picture below is a nylon lens, the left is an ordinary nylon sunlens, and the one on the paper is a nylon polarized lens.

 Solid color nylon sunlens and nylon polarized sunlens

The nylon lenses is made of nylon material, which is a transparent polyamide, which breaks the regularity of molecules by introducing side groups into the molecular chain and inhibits the formation of crystals, thereby obtaining transparent polyamide. Nylon lenses are widely used in eyewear of various materials because of their good light transmittance and strong toughness, including acetate glasses, metal glasses and titanium glasses, especially half-frame, rimless and glasses with less regular lens shapes.

Nylon lenses for rimless metal sunglasses

Features of nylon lenses. The main features of nylon lenses are good toughness, strong impact performance And good transparency (slightly worse than CR39). The main disadvantage is that the wear resistance is worse than CR39, and the production cost is higher than CR39. It is one of the most commonly used sunglasses lenses.

Rimless metal sunglasses with pure nylon sunlens

Rimless metal sunglasses, nylon lenses can be drilled, grooves carved, etc., have very good toughness and strength.

The craft of nylon lenses. Customize the mold according to the size, thickness, and curvature of the lens, and then use nylon material to inject it.

half-rim acetate sunglasses with gradient nylon sun lenses

Pictured above is a design for a pair of half-rim acetate sunglasses with gradient nylon sun lenses.

The craft of nylon lenses 1: Add color. Single color (such as single gray, single brown, etc.) is made by adding a certain proportion of toner to nylon material, so it has stable color and will not fade for a long time. The color gradient (such as gradient Grey, brown, green, etc.) is similar to CR39 dyeing process.

The craft of nylon lenses 2: UV400, coating process, back blue (or other colors), waterproof effect, oil-proof effect, the process is similar to CR39.

The craft of nylon lenses 3: Hard coating. Because the hardness of nylon lens itself is not very high, it is usually add hard coating. The hard coating process is the same as CR39.

full frame metal sunglasses with nylon sun lenses

NPictured above is a pair of metal sunglasses that have irregular frames so nylon lenses must be used.

The craft of nylon lenses 4: Coating. Common coating colors include gold, silver, blue, green,orange, etc. Generally, a vacuum coating machine is used to attach different pigments to the surface of the lens layer by layer, and finally become the desired one. Coated single are also one of the most popular coating. The back blue (or other colors) is also after the coating process, that is, a layer of coating is coated on the back of the lens. It can effectively absorb some light reflections from the back. Another function is hardly see the eyes while wear back blue sunglasses.

The craft of nylon lenses 5: Waterproof and oil-proof process. After the strengthening process, a waterproof or oil-proof film can be added according to customer requirements. Waterproof identification method: Sprinkle some water on the lens, stand the lens up, the water will immediately harvest into drops and drip easily. The ones that are not waterproof are not easy to harvest and drip. Anti-oil identification method: Use an oil-based pen to draw on the surface of the lens, the vertical color will shrink into a drop shape, and then wipe it off with a cloth. It is not oil-proof, that is, it does not shrink into drops and is difficult to wipe off. According to requirements, only waterproof or waterproof effect can be added, or both effects can be added, that is, oil-proof and waterproof. According to requirements, general water and oil repellent effects can also be made, or super water and oil-proof effects can be made (that is, the effect of oil-proof and waterproof is particularly good).

The nylon lenses with water-proof

The nylon lenses with water-proof

How to identify nylon lenses. This is mainly for nylon and PC lens. 1) Knife bracket method: Use a utility knife to wrap it on the side. The powdered one is CR39. Nylon and PC are silky. 2) Shape recognition method: CR39 lenses generally do not have a handle, and nylon and PC lenses have a handle. 3) Voice recognition method: Use your fingers to flick the surface of the lens, CR39 sounds solid and heavy, nylon is relatively brittle, and PC film is the most brittle.

Pure nylon lens and composite nylon lens. The difference between the two lenses is that the material used in the composite nylon lens is not a pure nylon material, it is mixed with some other cheap materials, or recycled nylon materials that have been used many times. Therefore, the toughness and light transmittance of the composite nylon lens is a little worse than that of the pure nylon lens, and it is not suitable for the production of rim-less and some frames with higher requirements. The two kinds of lenses can be viewed by placing the back of the lens under bright light. The composite nylon lens can easily see the slight wave pattern effect; with a knife, the silky shape of the pure nylon lens is more obvious and complete.

rimless metal sunglasses with engrave patterns

The picture above is a pair of rimless metal sunglasses. It uses pure nylon sunlens, which has better toughness and strength, so it can drill holes and engrave patterns on it.

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