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What are pc lenses in eyewear?

21-08-30 16:21:47    By Bestsea eyewear

PC lenses are polycarbonate lenses. Since the main material of this lens is polycarbonate, this material is widely used in the eyewear industry. This kind of lens looks very thin and light in weight, so most people call it a space lens, so that the characteristics of the material can be described more vividly. We know that most high-end eyewear, such as acetate glasses, metal eyewear, titanium eyewear and horn glasses, use CR39 lenses or nylon lenses. What frames materials will PC lenses be used for and what are their features?

PC lenses:Thin and light, also called space lens

Thin and light, also called space lens

Feature of PC lenses 1: PC lens is also a resin material, but its weight is very light, 37% lighter than common resin lenses, which can relieve the pressure of the lens on the bridge of the nose. And the lens is very thin. 

Feature of PC lenses 2: Good impact resistance. Everyone is familiar with resin lenses, which have better impact resistance, but the impact resistance of PC lenses is far greater than that of resin lenses. PC lenses are 10 times stronger than traditional resin lenses in impact resistance and 60 times stronger than glass lenses. They are the most impact-resistant lenses in the world. This material is thickened and commonly known as bulletproof glass. 

PC lenses:Explosion-proof resistance

Explosion-proof resistance, commonly known as bulletproof glass after thickening

Feature of PC lenses 3: Effective anti-ultraviolet rays. The material of the PC lens itself has the function of UV protection,No matter whether it is coated or uncoated, it has the function of UV protection, while other lenses need to be coated or added with UV powder to prevent UV. It can prevent eye diseases such as cataracts. 

Feature of PC lenses 4: PC lenses are suitable for children, athletes, police officers, drivers and other people. 

Feature of PC lenses 5: The surface of the PC lens is very smooth, which can reduce the internal scattering of the lens and reduce the damage of light to the retina. The disadvantages of PC lenses:PC lenses are easily deformed by heat, and the light transmittance of PC lenses is slightly worse than CR39 and nylon lenses. At the same time, PC lenses are easy to break if they are subjected to uneven force on the edge for a long time. This is also one of the main reasons affecting the use of PC lenses.

The process of PC lens: It is similar to nylon lens. First, make injection molds (such as different specifications, cambers, thicknesses, etc.), and then use PC materials for injection molding. Various colors can be added to the PC material, or it can be coated with various coating layers on the surface like a nylon lenses.

Various colors can be added to the PC material

Various colors can be added to the PC material, and various coating layers can be added on the surface

Take care of you PC lens: The maintenance of PC lenses is also very important. Incorrect maintenance will only increase a variety of other hazards. The cloth used for wiping the lens must be soft. If it is not soft, the lens may be scratched. When wiping PC lenses, use cotton lens cloth, but do not wipe the lenses frequently, because PC is neutral. Frequent wiping will generate static electricity and absorb oily smoke in the air, which will damage the essence of the lens. When cleaning, use alcohol or a neutral lotion to wipe, then rinse with water, and finally use a cotton lens cloth or a soft paper towel to dry the water.

PC lens is also one of the most common lens. It is widely used in a variety of injection eyewear, TR90 eyewear and low-end metal glasses and other frames.

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