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What polarized sunglasses are better?

21-12-20 15:45:48    By Bestsea eyewear

Polaroid sunglasses are one of the most common eyewear, it can effectively filter the reflected light from the side or the ground, improve visual effect and acuity, reduce your eye fatigue, ideal for long-term travel or driving use. Eye frames of various materials are suitable for assembling Poly Sunlens, such as Acetate Sunglasses Frame, Metal Sunglasses Frame, Titanium eyewear Frame, etc. As long as you are equipped with Poly Sunlens, its function is similar. However, the effects and functions of different Poly sunlens are quite different. So,What polarized sunglasses are better?

Before answering this question, let me tell you what is polarization?

polarized lense

The so-called polarized light is the irregular reflected light generated when light passes through uneven roads, water surfaces and other places, also known as glare. When these rays directly irradiate people's eyes, they will make people's eyes uncomfortable and prone to fatigue. They can't see objects for a long time, and the clarity of the objects they see is obviously not enough.

Sunglasses are very familiar daily necessities. In addition to protecting eyes in strong light environment, they are also an ornament to show personality. Many styles are dazzling. So compared with ordinary sunglasses, what's special about polarizers?

Polarizer is a kind of lens that allows directional light to pass through. If it is described vividly, it can be understood as the shutter effect. Adjusting the shutter to a horizontal state can see the scenery outside the window and is not affected by dazzling sunlight. Therefore, the polarizer lens can filter the dazzling glare caused by scattering, bending, reflection and other factors, The final effect is to say goodbye to the stray light and strong light that affect the observation, while the light of the overall environment will not darken significantly, and the things that need to be observed can be seen really. In short, sunglasses with polarizing function are the most suitable sunglasses for driving. In terms of price, polarizers are more expensive than ordinary ones, but for driving safety, it's worth having.

The perspective effect of polarizer is more natural and clear than sunglasses. Polarizer is very important for driving.

For driving, wearing sunglasses is not only to block the dazzling sunshine, but also not to stink. It is directly related to driving safety. Many friends around me wear sunglasses when driving, but not everyone will tell the truth.

It goes without saying that your eyes will be uncomfortable and cry when you see the dazzling sunshine. What else? First of all, when driving, we should focus on the situation in front. In addition to the glare of the sun, there are also the reflection of the road, the reflection of the windscreen in front of and behind the car, the reflection of the glass walls of buildings on both sides, etc. Therefore, if there is no blocking of sunglasses, it is easy to cause eye fatigue. In addition, the eyes are in the process of switching between light and dark environments, It also affects driving safety because it can't adapt instantly.

acetate sunglasses

Acetate sunglasses

The common Poly Lay Sun lenses mainly include CR39 Poly Sunlens, Nylon Poly Sunlens, TAC Poly Sunlens, PC Poly Sunlens, etc. Let's take a brief look at it below.

CR39 Poly Sunlens. This is the most commonly used Poly Sunlens for middle and high-end glasses, and is widely used in acetate eyewear, metal eyewear and titanium eyewear. CR39 lens is a lens widely used in high-end acetate sunglasses with high clarity and hardness, and its light transmittance is one of the best of all lenses.

Nylon Poly Sunlens. Nylon lenses have strong toughness, good light transmittance and hardness, but the light transmittance is slightly lower than that of CR39 lenses. Nylon lenses are also commonly used in acetate sunglasses and metal sunglasses. Due to the good toughness of nylon lenses, they are especially suitable for half-frame, rimless frames or lenses with perforated lenses. Especially for some metal sunglasses with irregular lens shapes, nylon lenses must be used. The process of nylon poly sheet is more complicated than CR39, and the cost is also higher.

TAC Poly Sunlens. TAC Poly Laminate is generally made into a roll first, and then cut into small pieces as needed. However, the light transmittance of this poly lens is slightly worse than that of CR39 and nylon, and it is easier to generate stress near the periphery of the frame, which affects the effect of poly lens. In addition, due to the low cost of TAC Poly Lay sunglasses, the quality is difficult to guarantee, and it is easy to cause the lens layer to peel off after a long time of use.

PC Poly Sunlens. PC lenses are often used in low-end glasses, such as injection-molded glasses and TR90 glasses. But now PC Poly toy film is generally used less, and most of them use TAC film instead.

Glass Poly Sunlens. Glass lenses are one of the lenses with the highest hardness and best light transmittance. However, glass Poly Lay sunglasses are expensive and heavy, and the car pieces require high craftsmanship, so they are rarely used now.

What kind of Poly Sunlens is suitable for a pair of eyewear depends on factors such as price, brand positioning, etc. It is up to you to decide. 

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