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How to prolong the service life of sunglasses?

22-10-19 17:34:43    By Bestsea eyewear

When we strolled the sales display cabinet of high-end eyewear, we couldn't help being surprised by the prices marked on it, and some prices even exceeded 10,000 RMB. There are also many types, such as acetate eyewear, metal eyewear, titanium eyewear, or horn glasses and wooden glasses. I was thinking that if I bought my favorite sunglasses, I must protect it and try to prolong its service life. So, what methods can prolong the service life of sunglasses?

1. Be cautious when wearing. Please hold the temple of the glasses with both hands to remove and wear the glasses.  and don’t  pick it up with one hand, otherwise the sunglasses will be easily deformed and loose. In addition, do not put the sunglasses on the top of the head to avoid damaging.
2. The cleaning method should be correct. When dirt, grease or fingerprints appear on the lens, you can use a special glasses cloth to clean the lens. It is recommended to clean the lens with water or lens cleaner, and then wipe it with a glasses cloth. Do not use your nails to remove the dirt on the lens to avoid scratching the lens.
clean the glasses
3. Please place it in the glasses box when not in use. Take down the sunglasses carefully when not wearing them, and put them into the glasses bag for storage.Don't store with hard objects or objects with edges and corners to avoid scratching the lens.In addition, fold the glasses when placing and put them face up. In addition, don't put the glasses in a very cold or overheated environment, causing the frame to deform.
sunglasses box
4. Please stay away from chemical products. Try  not to allow sunglasses to dip the sweat, perfume, cosmetics, medicine and other items such as chemical ingredients, because these items will damage the lens, and will also fade or deform the frame. Once stained, please clean it in time.
In short, don't touch foreign matters, that is, when you don't wear it, please put your sunglasses face up.  If there is no collision or friction with other things, the lenses will not be scratched. Please use a special lens cloth to clean the glasses.You can clean the lens with detergent, dry it naturally, or use a good paper towel to absorb the water gently, but do not wipe it with a paper towel. Wood fiber will scratch the lenses. To do this, your sunglasses can be extended at least for more than one or two years. I hope this article will help you.

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