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The difference between pure and beta titanium frames

21-09-25 13:58:48    By Bestsea eyewear

Titanium is an indispensable material for cutting-edge science and industry such as aerospace science, marine science, and nuclear power generation. The titanium glasses frames is 48% lighter than the general metal glasses frames, and has the advantages of strong toughness, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, high stability, high strength, good elasticity, etc., conforms to ergonomics, and the titanium material is non-toxic to the human body and does not have any radiation.Rimless titanium sunglasses

Titanium is widely used in the eyewear industry because it is not easy to deform, fade, and has strong stability. Eyeglass frames made of titanium can highlight your noble taste and elegant temperament. Titanium glasses frame can be divided into three types: pure titanium glasses, beta titanium glasses and titanium alloy glasses. In this article, let us mainly understand the difference between pure titanium glasses frames and beta titanium glasses frame.

The picture below is a pair of titanium sunglasses from DITA, using pure titanium as raw material, IP plating gold color, and using traditional eyewear processes such as stamping process.Square pure titanium sunglasses

Titanium is divided into pure titanium and β titanium. It means that the heat treatment process is different. 

Pure titanium refers to a titanium metal material with a titanium purity of more than 99%. It has a high melting point, a light material, strong corrosion resistance, and a firm electroplating layer. The eyewear frame made of pure titanium is quite beautiful and atmospheric. The disadvantage is that the material is soft, and the eyewear cannot be made more slim. Only by making the lines thicker can the stability and strength be ensured. 

The picture below shows a pair of pure titanium glasses with irregular Irregular polyhedral effect of the frame and temples.

Titanium Round Glasses

The picture below shows a pair of pure titanium sunglasses. You can see that it has a thick rim and temples, which ensures that the glasses have enough hardness and are not easily deformed. In addition, because pure titanium is soft, it is easier to press and form. Therefore, many titanium glasses parts with multiple textures or patterns are made of pure titanium, which can achieve a cleaner and clearer effect.

Pure titanium glasses frame

The titanium glasses frame below is made of pure titanium and beta titanium. The bridges and temples of the glasses are made of beta titanium, which has sufficient hardness and better elasticity. The front ring is made of pure titanium. Since pure titanium is softer than beta titanium, the pattern is clearer after being pressed by the mold.

Titanium glasses frame with pattern

Let's take a look at the features of beta titanium materials to better understand the characteristics of Beta titanium glasses frames.
Beta titanium refers to a titanium material that completes beta particles after delayed cooling in the state of the zero boundary of titanium. Therefore, β-titanium is not a titanium alloy, it is just that titanium material exists in another molecular state, which is not the same as the so-called titanium alloy. Compared with pure titanium and other titanium alloys, it has better strength, fatigue resistance and environmental corrosion resistance. It has good shape and plasticity. It can be made into wires and thin plates. It is lighter and lighter. It can be used to make eyewear and can get more shapes and styles. , Is the material for the production of a new generation of eyewear For customers with higher style and weight requirements, eyewear made of beta titanium can be used. Because beta titanium has a higher processing technology than pure titanium, it is generally only produced by large factories and brands, and some of the prices are higher than pure titanium eyewear.
Below is a pair of beta titanium glasses, with a slim frame, center bridge and temples. It has good elasticity and is ultra-light weight. If such slender titanium glasses are made of pure titanium, they will become relatively soft, have little elasticity, and will deform with a little force.

slim beta titanium glasses frame

The difference between pure titanium and beta titanium glasses can be summarized as the following points:

1.Beta titanium eyeglass frames are lighter than pure titanium eyeglass frames;

2.Beta titanium eyeglass frames are more elastic than pure titanium eyeglass frames;

3.Beta titanium eyeglass frames have a longer service life than pure titanium eyeglass frames;

4.Beta titanium eyeglass frames are slimmer than pure titanium eyeglass frames;

5. Beta titanium materials are more expensive, so Beta titanium eyeglass frames are generally more expensive than pure titanium eyeglass frames;

6. A pair of pure spectacle frames, different materials can be used for different parts;

7. The surface color process adopts full IP plating process, which is stronger, no static electricity and completely environmentally friendly;

Round beta titanium frames

Titanium alloy, this definition is very broad, in principle, all materials containing titanium can be called titanium alloy. The range of titanium alloys is too wide and the grades are uneven. Under normal circumstances, the introduction of a certain titanium alloy eyewear frame will have a detailed material label, what titanium and what material alloy, such as titanium nickel alloy, titanium aluminum vanadium alloy and so on. The composition of titanium alloy determines the quality and price of its eyewear frames. A good titanium alloy eyewear frame is not necessarily worse or cheaper than pure titanium. It is difficult to guarantee the quality of titanium alloys that are very cheap in the retail market. In addition, titanium is made into alloys not to reduce costs, but to improve the application performance of the material. Generally, memory eyewear frames on the market are made of titanium alloy.
Below is a memory glasses frame with a center bridge made of memory titanium. Memory titanium can be welded with ordinary metals, pure titanium or beta titanium, but because they are metals with completely different properties, special processes and techniques must be used to perfectly combine them. As shown below, the memory metal glasses are subjected to a 90-degree torsion test, and also withstand a 90-degree bending test and a low temperature test of minus 30 degrees. Only after these tests are still in perfect condition can they be qualified memory glasses. Therefore, memory metal glasses and memory titanium glasses have very strict material requirements. Only perfect memory materials can be used to make glasses.

memory metal glasses with memory titanium bridge

The picture below shows the acetate and metal combined memory glasses using memory titanium material in the middle bridge.

combined memory glasses with a memory bridge

The above is the experience sharing of Bestsea eyewear manufacturer in China, I hope to provide you with help. We design and produce various types of titanium glasses, welcome to contact us. 
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