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how to spot fake and real buffalo horn glasses

23-02-18 14:24:13    By Bestsea eyewear

There are many types of glasses, such as the popular acetate glasses, metal glasses, titanium glasses, etc. These glasses are very common in our daily life, and there are also some glasses made of natural materials, buffalo horn glasses are one of them. Other articles on our website describe in detail the craftsmanship of horn glasses, the advantages and disadvantages of horn glasses(Horn eyeglasses and Horn sunglasses), etc. This article mainly introduces how to spot fake and real buffalo horn glasses.

real buffalo horn glasses

Are there fake horn glasses? Yes, there are indeed fake horn glasses on the market, or glasses made of imitation horn materials, which have similar patterns or colors to real horn glasses in appearance, making it difficult for ordinary consumers to distinguish between genuine and fake. Since horn glasses are made of natural materials and the production process is difficult, their prices are often expensive. If you accidentally buy a pair of fake horn glasses, it will really hurt your heart. Therefore, it is a good idea to go to a regular optical store to buy, and it is also necessary to understand some methods of identifying real horn glasses.
So how to how to spot fake and real buffalo horn glasses? Mainly through the following simple methods.
1.The method of spot true and fake horn glasses: feel the heat. Real horn glasses feel cool to the touch, while fake ones are usually made of plastic or imitation horn acetate, so the fake ones have no cool feeling.
2.The method of spot true and fake horn glasses: smell. The real horn glasses will have a little beefy smell when heated, while the fake ones only have a burnt smell.
3.The method of spot true and fake horn glasses: Look at the color. Real horn glasses look round, crystal clear, feel good, and do not suffer from static electricity. Fake horn glasses are generally made of acetate horn materials, or made of plastic and then imitated the color of horn glasses through color spraying and other processes, so there is no natural texture.
pure color horn optical glasses
4.The method of spot true and fake horn glasses: Look at the texture. Horn glasses are made of natural horn material, so its texture is irregular. It can be said that you cannot find another pair of horn glasses with exactly the same texture and color in this world, so, every pair of horn glasses is unique. is unique. You can observe whether the texture and color of the horn glasses are irregular, or you can observe two or more pairs of horn glasses at the same time. If the texture and color of each pair of horn glasses are different and irregular, it is basically OK. Definitely real horn glasses.
Real horn glasses with nature texture
5.The method of spot true and fake horn glasses: felling the weight. The horn material is relatively light. If it is the same style, it will be much larger than the popular acetate glasses, but slightly heavier than plastic glasses. But this method depends on your own feelings.
6.The method of spot true and fake horn glasses: Try flexibility. Once the horn material is formed, it is very hard and has little elasticity. The imitation horn glasses are generally made of acetate or plastic, which have a certain degree of elasticity, so it is also one of the ways to distinguish between real and fake horn glasses.
7.The method of spot true and fake horn glasses: Whether there is bloodshot. Horn glasses are made of natural horn material, so if you look carefully, there are usually some faint bloodshots inside, this is especially important for identifying black. Horn glasses may not be pure black, if you observe carefully, there will be some bloodshot or some faint lines in the real horn glasses. The black imitation horn glasses made of acetate or plastic have a uniform color.
Real horn glasses with bloodshots inside
The above are some ways to identify real and fake horn glasses, I hope it can help you choose real horn glasses. BESTSEA, as an professional horn glasses( Horn rimmed glasses and Horn sunglasses) manufacturer, we have a strict and professional method in every process from material selection to production to ensure that every pair of horn glasses is perfect.

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