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What eyewear frame fits a round face?

21-10-18 15:32:18    By Bestsea eyewear

A round face, usually looks cute. For people with this face shape, it is very important to match a suitable eyeglass frame on their charming nose. What kind of eyewear frame is suitable for a round face? 

eyewear can modify the shape of a person's face, which is already a well-known technique. For example, the square eyewear frame can strengthen the contour of the face, and the rimless eyewear almost melt to the face. Choosing the right eyewear frame can obviously conceal the blemishes of the facial contour and make a person more beautiful.

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What is a round face? Round or oval? Many people who wear eyewear are not sure about their face shape. Our definition of a round face is as follows: The outline of a round face is relatively full, with a soft outline, plump cheeks, and the length from the chin to the hairline approximately corresponds to the width of the face. Compared with the oval (goose egg) face, it looks shorter. Of course, a mixture of round and heart-shaped faces is very common. The length of the heart-shaped face is close to the width, the top is full, and the chin area is narrow.

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The picture above is a typical round face, coupled with a pair of round thin-framed metal eyewear, making the whole face look very soft, and the overall look brighter and more coordinated. This round shape is not very suitable for wearing thicker acetate eyewear or buffalo horn glasses. In addition, for round faces, titanium eyewear are generally a good choice, because the titanium eyewear frame is characterized by being relatively light, and the titanium frame can also be made very thin.

Which eyewear are best for round faces? Relatively speaking, transparent or inconspicuous frames are more suitable for round faces, because the more conspicuous frames are easy to split the face visually, highlighting the short characteristics of the round face and the lower part, and will make the whole face The length of the face becomes shorter, which is actually quite undesirable for people with round faces.

Therefore, in terms of the color and thickness of the eyewear, the more striking the lines of the top and bottom borders, the more obvious the contrast with the face, and the more prominent the width of the face. This makes your face look shorter and wider than it actually is. In this way, frames with almost invisible or almost invisible upper and lower edges are more suitable for round faces. They are rimless eyewear or half-rim eyewear. If you think you really don't like these two styles, we suggest that you also try ultra-thin metal eyewear frames and eyewear with a narrower shape. They are more friendly with the round face.

At the same time, in the choice of shape, square or geometric eyewear are a good solution to offset the soft appearance of a round face. They are in sharp contrast with the round face. But these frames may also make the face look shorter. 

If you want to use round eyewear to emphasize the round face, so as to appear softer, is it a good idea? eyewear are just a product. The best way is to try more. With your own feelings and the opinions of your friends, including the opinions of the optometrist, choose a pair of eyewear that suits your face shape as well as your favorite.

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