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How to make special rivet glasses

24-03-12 12:44:36    By Bestsea eyewear

When we browse the websites of some eyewear brands online, we can find many glasses with rivets. A rivet hinge is used, and then a special machine is used to fix the rivets on it to connect the front frame and the temples. The picture below shows some acetate glasses with rivets:

silver rivet glasses frame

But you will find that the color of these rivets is silver. Because after the rivets are fixed on the glasses, the surface still needs to go through processes such as polishing. So no matter what color it is in the beginning, it will eventually become the true color of metal. Most of the rivets are made of stainless steel, so the final color is silver. Is it made golden? It is true that some brands of eyeglass rivets are gold, but if you look carefully, you will find that these rivets do not have a metallic texture, and the surface is even some black. What is going on? As shown below:
bass rivet glasses frame 
The acetate sunglasses above are from a European eyewear brand. Its rivets are gold, but some are black. This is because it is made of brass and has no plating color, so the surface of the rivet will oxidize after being used for a period of time, causing the color to turn black. The hinges and wire core of the glasses are plated gold and will not oxidize over time, so they look very unsightly.
In pursuit of more beautiful glasses, many glasses brands and manufacturers have made continuous efforts, but have not found a perfect answer.
gold rivet pins in the acetate glasses
Can the rivets be made in other colors? For example, 24K gold, gun, rose, etc. The picture below shows the rivet glasses we produce.
 Acetate sunglasses with gold riveted hinge
The rivets, hinges and wire core of this pair of acetate sunglasses are all plated with 24K gold, making this pair of glasses frame look more beautiful and high-end. Many of our customers love this art craft. In fact, this process is difficult to protect during product processing. The plating color on the rivets will fall off if you are not careful, especially when polishing. We finally achieved this result through continuous research and repeated testing to continuously improve the product process.
 gold rivet sunglasses with patterned wire core
All the metal accessories of the above glasses are 24K gold. The rivets are welded to the oval metal piece and then fixed to the hinges through a rivet machine. The temples have a 24K gold center bridge and patterned wire core.
 24k gold rivet sunglasses
The rivets of the above model are welded to a metal piece, and then fixed together with the hinge through a rivet machine. In order to ensure that the color will not fade during production, many production processes must be adjusted and some special links must be added, and it is necessary to ensure that there are no problems in every link.
 gold acetate sunglasses with 16 rivet
The above acetate sunglasses has 4 golden rivets in each position, and a pair of glasses has a total of 16 rivets. Four rivets must be fixed on the hinge at the same time without any fading. This is a very, very difficult task. So glad we did it.
gold rivet acetate optical frames
The above acetate optical glasses have a classic shape, with 8 pieces rivets and unique hinges. The rivets and hinges are plated into 24K gold. The exact same color and craftsmanship create more perfect frames!
 gun rivet acetate sunglasses
The picture above is a pair of acetate sunglasses, the rivets, hinges and flat pins of the model above are gun colored.
 rose rivet acetate sunglasses
The rivets, hinges, wire core and metal middle bridge of the above acetate sunglasses are rose gold.
Rivet glasses are one of the most classic and ancient glasses. Almost every eyewear brand has its own rivet glasses. However, most brands of rivets in the market can only be made of silver or yellow rivets made of brass. And we can make it into colors such as Japanese gold, 24K gold, gun color and rose gold. These colors can form a more perfect match with acetate color and other metal accessories, giving consumers more color choices.
If you want your glasses to look special, this is also a good choice. As you can see from the pictures above, or you can request our samples, you will find that these glasses look more high-end. It can promote your brand and make it stand out.
For more information, you can browse our webpage: GOLD RIVET EYEWEAR CRAFT.
How to make special glasses? Do you want to know more? If you want to know more about special rivet glasses, please contact us.


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