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Stylish inflated sunglasses

23-09-12 18:45:40    By Bestsea eyewear

No matter what season, sunglasses are the most essential part of fashion trends. Like clothing and bags, they add highlights to people and create a unique personality. This article discusses new and special glasses, which have a unique, fashionable, and modern appearance made of the highest quality acetate materials, and are called inflated sunglasses.

LOEWE released three inflatable sunglasses in the autumn of 2022, with their unique appearance becoming the most eye-catching presence, and their wearing effect is different from traditional style acetate glasses. Below is a display of models wearing three styles of inflatable sunglasses, Please take a look!
LOEWE inflated sunglasses
Jonathan Anderson, Creative Director of LOEWE, launched a surrealist exploration for the brand's autumn 2022 women's clothing collection, extending this advanced concept to the accessories. For example, this pair of three-dimensional sunglasses inspired by balloons, with an unconventional inflatable design as the silhouette, the thick frame has a clumsy beauty, lively and bright colors, and a personality that is not lacking in fun, creating a bold and quirky fashion style. Glasses are made with special molds and filled with acetate fiber material, achieving lightness like a balloon.
The new sunglasses are divided into three styles: Mask, Rectangular, and Cateye. The 'Mask' is more avant-garde and adopts a one-piece lens design, interpreting the style; 'Rectangle' is a rectangular pair of glasses composed of two lenses, which has the effect of embellishing the face shape and adding a strong sense of sophistication; The 'Cateye' is a classic cat's eye design, a more modern and feminine update.
‘Mask’ inflatable sunglasses
Rectangle inflated sunglasses
Loewe inflated sunglasses with nylons
Once LOEWE's inflatable sunglasses were released, they were loved by many consumers. However, due to its unique shape, plastic eyewear technology can only be used, which is not able to express the texture of the glasses very well. Can we use the popular acetate fiber to make the inflatable glasses? Acetate fiber can give it a brighter appearance, and more perfect details and texture, making it appear more upscale. Fortunately, our engineers, after day after day of repeated research and testing, have finally been able to use acetate fiber to make inflatable sunglasses using traditional pressing technology and advanced eyewear manufacturing technologies such as CNC. Acetate fiber has a higher density and richer colors, which, after repeated artificial polishing, gives these inflatable glasses a more perfect performance.
Bestsea has always been committed to the research and manufacturing of eyewear technology as a professional OEM and ODM eyewear factory. If you want acetate inflated glasses or inflated sunglasses, please contact us to tell us of your requirements.


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