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How to take care of your eyewear?

21-07-23 19:22:59    By Bestsea eyewear

A pair of eyewear is expensive, and everyone cherishes their eyewear. But eyewear are vulnerable, after wearing eyewear for a period of time, the eyewear will appear deformed and loose. The deformation of the frame may cause the wearer to experience confusion, distortion, dizziness, and fatigue of the spectacle. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the spectacles regularly. Bestsea eyewear manufacturer with 17 years of production experience tell you.In order to avoid changing your eyewear as much as possible, the following precautions are for your reference for how to take care of your eyewear,this applies to eyewear of different materials, including acetate glasses, metal glasses, titanium eyewear and buffalo horn glasses.

1. Take off and wear the eyewear with both hands, and take off and wear the eyewear with one hand for a long time, which will easily deform the eyewear;

2. Do not wear eyewear when doing strenuous exercise to avoid deformation caused by bumps;

3. Take off the eyewear when sleeping or lying on the table to avoid distortion of the eyewear;

4. Wipe the eyewear with a special lens cloth, or clean them with water and detergent. Avoid using paper towels, handkerchiefs or wiping with clothes;

5. Do not place the eyewear in a hot environment above 50 degrees (such as a sauna, car windshield), to avoid accelerating the drop of the lens film or the aging of the eyewear;

6. Do not often demonstrate the deformation of the memory material, so as to avoid the connection or welding part from breaking. In addition, memory materials will lose their memory function in an environment below -10 degrees. This is because bending will also cause fracture and deformation;

7. People who are allergic to metal should choose to make up the material of the frame or install the anti-corrosion cover on the metal temple to avoid skin contact with metal;

8. Put the eyewear in the box when not wearing them.

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