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Talk about the technology of metal glasses

23-08-16 17:46:08    By Bestsea eyewear

Eyewear are optical devices made to correct vision or protect the eyes, consisting of lenses and frames. There are various materials of glasses available on the market, including common acetate glasses, metal glasses, and titanium glasses, and we also produce some horn glasses and wooden glasses. In addition to glasses made of these materials, there are also glasses made of silk, stone, and bone. In the early stages of the development of glasses, all processes were purely handmade. Due to its exquisite and cumbersome production process, as well as its artistic value, it is listed as one of the world's two major precision products and artworks alongside timepiece.

metal glasses consist of many parts
The rise of industrialization in the mid-19th century propelled the development of glasses production. Making the production of glasses more streamlined and cost-effective, greatly meeting the market demand. However, in the mid-20th century, the process-oriented production of the industry could not meet the increasing personalized needs of opticians, and handmade glasses emerged again. Especially for buffalo horn glasses and wooden glasses made of natural materials, many production processes must be completed by hand.
Let's first learn about the processing technology of metal eyeglasses here. Due to meeting the personalized needs of wearers and showcasing their taste, there is great emphasis on the production and material selection of eye frames. Each part of the frame should have flexibility and robustness, be lightweight, and have excellent corrosion resistance.
The processing method of metal frame glasses:
It mainly consists of four processes: parts processing, assembly, polishing, and surface treatment. A pair of glasses frame usually consists of twenty to thirty types of parts, mainly including the frame ring, temples, nose pad, hinge, screws, and so on.
The performance and dimensional accuracy of component materials directly determine the processing technology and final product quality of subsequent processes, thus the process of component processing is crucial. How to choose the metal materials for eyewear parts? We need to consider the following properties: mechanical properties (strength, elasticity, plasticity), processability (cold and hot processing formability), corrosion resistance, weldability, cutting processing, wear resistance, electroplating, chromaticity, etc. The continuous development of glasses metal materials is focused on the research and improvement of the above properties.
The manufacturing of metal frame glasses is generally based on a certain metal substrate, and then the surface is treated. The basic surface treatment methods are as follows:
1) Electroplating: plating a certain metal on a substrate using electrochemical principles, such as gold plating, titanium plating, black chromium plating, etc. Taking gilding as an example, gilding is applied to eye frames made of other metal materials to improve their appearance while also having the characteristic of corrosion-resistant of gold. The color of gold plating and karat gold is related to the types of other metals, with those with high zinc content leaning towards white and those with high copper content leaning towards yellow.
Electroplating of metal glasses
2) Coloring: also known as spray coloring, it is a method of treating the surface of the substrate of the glasses frame through spraying. For example, epoxy resin powder spraying, plastic spraying, and coloring, etc. This method can not only obtain rich colors but also perform multi-layer coloring treatment.
spray coloring
3) Sticky leather or floral paper: refers to wrapping a thin layer of genuine cowhide or floral paper on the substrate.
To meet the personalized needs of consumers, it is even necessary to embed diamonds on the frame or lens. Embedding diamonds on slender frames or accessories, or transparent lenses only a few millimeters thick, without damaging the structure and appearance of the lenses. Bestsea, as an eyewear manufacturer  in the glasses industry, should also say that this process is not simple.

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