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The perfect combination of thickness and bevel

24-03-23 15:05:04    By Bestsea eyewear

 In today's fashion world, the eyewear design of acetate sunglasses is no longer limited to traditional frame structures, but has begun to pursue more unique and personalized expressions. Thick line design has become a popular trend with its strong visual impact and unique presence. This line design is not only for the pursuit of visual impact, but also to emphasize the personality and uniqueness of the sunglasses. However, how to incorporate bevel cuts into the thick line design so that sunglasses can not only conform to the trend but also maintain personality, this is a question that needs to be discussed in depth.

Black acetate sunglasses, with their unique color and luster, add an irresistible fashion charm to sunglasses. It not only makes the glasses look more high-end, but also visually gives them a low-key and restrained sense of luxury.
acetate sunglasses with thick line and bevel design 
First of all, we can see that designers cleverly introduced bevel cutting elements into the thick line design. Bevel cutting can not only break the monotony of lines and increase the visual layering, but also create a sense of dynamics visually, making the sunglasses show dynamic beauty in static. At the same time, bevel cutting can also reduce the weight of sunglasses to a certain extent, allowing the wearer to enjoy a comfortable wearing experience while enjoying visual beauty.。
 Thick acetate sunglasses with bevel
Secondly, we can see that designers have further innovated on the basis of bevel cutting. By adjusting the angle and position of the bevel, they make the line design of sunglasses richer and more diverse. This design can not only meet the aesthetic needs of different consumers, but also stand out among many sunglasses and show its unique style.
 Bevel acetate sunglasses design
Finally, we can see that designers have considered the practicality of sunglasses while maintaining their personality. Through careful design, they perfectly integrate the bevel cutting of the sunglasses with the thick line design, ensuring not only the durability of the sunglasses, but also the comfort and practicality of the sunglasses.
In general, designers have cleverly combined thick line designs and bevel cuts to make the bevel acetate sunglasses that are both trendy and individual, showing a unique style. This design style is not only the pursuit of fashion, but also the pursuit of personality and self-expression. It is a unique interpretation of modern lifestyle.

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