What is titanium eyewear frame?

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Titanium eyewear frames are middle and high-end consumer goods. In recent years, with the improvement of people's living standards in my country, the domestic demand for titanium eyewear frames has rapidly expanded. There have also been many manufacturers of titanium eyewear frames in China, but their raw materials are still rely on Japanese imports. Up to now, there are few manufacturers of wire for titanium eyewear frames developed and produced in China, and the production of beta titanium alloy wire for eyewear frames is also at the stage of development in China.

The difference between pure titanium, beta titanium and titanium alloy:

1.Pure titanium: refers to a titanium metal material with a purity of more than 99%. Its melting point is high, the material is light, the corrosion resistance is strong, and the electroplating layer is firm. But in the eyewear industry, pure titanium eyewear frames often refer to frames made of a titanium material. 

Pure titanium eyewear

2. β titanium: refers to the titanium material that completes β particles after delayed cooling in the state of the zero boundary point of titanium. Therefore, β-titanium is not a titanium alloy, it is just that titanium material exists in another molecular state, which is not the same as the so-called titanium alloy.It has better strength, fatigue resistance and environmental corrosion resistance than pure titanium and other titanium alloys. It has good shape and plasticity. It can be made into wires and thin plates. It is lighter and lighter. It can be used to make eyewear and can get more shapes and styles. , Is the material for the production of a new generation of eyewear. For customers with higher style and weight requirements, eyewear made of beta titanium can be used. Because beta titanium has a higher processing technology than pure titanium, it is generally only produced by large factories and brands, and some of the prices are higher than pure titanium eyewear.

Beta Titanium Eyewear HXT051016

Beta Titanium Eyewear HXT051016

3. Titanium alloy: This definition is very broad. In principle, any material containing titanium can be called a titanium alloy.

Titanium alloy eyewear