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what are the advantages of titanium eyewear frames?

21-09-25 15:08:38    By Bestsea eyewear

what are the advantages of titanium eyewear frames?

Advantages of titanium eyewear frames:

1. Titanium is a pure metal with a specific gravity of 4.5, high toughness, no magnetic reaction, and no skin allergy. It is widely used in aerospace technology, jewelry, surgical appliances and other fields. It is the highest-end material in the eyewear industry;


2. Titanium is 48% lighter than ordinary metal eyewear frames, relieves the burden of the bridge of the nose, has high strength, is not easy to scratch and wear, has good corrosion resistance and plasticity; and has the advantages of strong toughness, acid and alkali resistance, high stability, and good elasticity. , In line with ergonomics.

3. Compared with other metal materials, it is not easy to deform and fade, and has strong stability, highlighting noble taste and elegance.

4. Titanium metal has a stable electric current to the human body, so as to relieve muscle tension, the spirit is easy to loosen, and the muscles will gradually relax.

Titanium Eyewear HXT051015

Titanium Eyewear HXT051015

Titanium is non-toxic to the human body. There is no radiation. There is a weak electric current flowing in the human body. The information transmission from the brain to the whole body and from the whole body to the brain depends on the flow of electric current. Long-term internal pressure and computer, etc. Under the impact of the electromagnetic waves emitted by electrical products and external factors, the body current has actually been in a state of confusion, which often results in fatigue, muscle stiffness, soreness and other symptoms or problems. Pure titanium has special current characteristics, which can induce electron fluctuations to generate ions, which makes the current tend to ionize; while positive and negative ions can quickly adjust the adverse effects of electromagnetic waves caused by the body's biological current disorder, which will have beneficial physiological effects on the human body. People’s mental pressure and external environmental pressure, especially in the environment, there are many non-ionizing electromagnetic waves, such as mobile phones, computers, televisions, microwave ovens and other electrical appliances. The body current is often affected by the emission of electromagnetic waves. The chaotic state can cause autonomic nervous system disorders, soreness, and intramuscular stiffness, which may also be affected by it, thus threatening physical health.

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