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Types of Eyewear frames by style

21-08-16 15:22:32    By Bestsea eyewear

We know that types of eyewear by material, they can be divided into acetate eyewear, metal eyewear, titanium eyewear,buffalo horn glasses, etc. According to the style, how many types of eyewear can be divided?

If eyewear frames divided by style, the common eyewear frames types mainly include full frame, half frame, rimless frames, combination frame and folding frame. 

Type of eyewear frames 1:Full frame: It is the most commonly used eyewear frames types. It is strong, easy to shape, and can cover a part of the lens thickness. 

full frame eyewear

Full Frame

Type of eyewear frames 2:Half frame: Use a very thin nylon wire as part of the frame, the lens is specially polished to smooth the lower edge, and there is a narrow groove in the lower edge, so that the nylon wire is embedded in the groove. It forms a bottomless frame, so the eyewear frames weight is very light, giving people a light and unique feeling, and it is relatively strong.

Half frame eyewear

Half frame

Type of eyewear frames 3:Rimless: It’s also often called three-arrow frame. This eyewear frames types has no lens ring, only a metal nose bridge and metal temples. The lens, the bridge of the nose and the temples are directly fastened by screws, and holes are usually drilled in the lens. The rimless frame is lighter and more unique than the ordinary frame, but the strength is slightly lower.

rimless eyewear


Type of eyewear frames 4:Flip frame: There are two sets of lenses at the front frame, one of which can be flipped up, usually for indoor and outdoor use.

Flip frame eyewear

Flip frame

Type of eyewear frames 5:Clip-on frame: It is composed of two independent parts. The main body is generally an optical frame for holding myopia lenses, and the other part is for sunglasses lenses. The hanger is suitable for nearsighted people. They only need to wear the main body of the glasses indoors. When they go out, they can hang the part of the sunglasses on it at any time, and it will transform a pair of "sunglasses".

Clip-on frame eyewear

Clip-on frames

Type of eyewear frames 6:Folding frame: The frame can be folded into four or six folds, most of which are reading glasses. The advantage is very convenient to carry.

Folding frame eyewear

Folding frame

In addition to dividing by materials and styles, eyewear can also be divided by purpose. It can be divided into men’s eyewear, women’s eyewear, neutral glasses frames, reading glasses frames, Kids eyeglasses frames, sunglasses frame, optical frames, etc. We can distinguish their uses from the text, which will not be explained here. 

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