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5 different types of memory glasses

23-03-16 06:20:33    By Bestsea eyewear

5 different types of memory glasses

1.The common metal and memory metal are connected by tube. Below is a pair of memory titanium glasses frame. The bridge of the glasses uses innovative memory metal. It can be clearly seen from the picture that there is a sleeve tube at the connection between the bridge and the front frame. The memory metal is inserted into the tube and then welded, which is to make the connection more firm. Memory glasses are made in this way in most factory, including memory metal glasses and memory titanium glasses. Compared with other welding connection, this is the most simple and firm way, the technical requirements are also the lowest. But the disadvantage is that the casing of the connecting part affects the appearance of the glasses, which some consumers may not like very much.
memory titanium glasses with memory bridge
2.Memory flexible glasses with memory metal on the bridge. Below is a pair of memory glasses which bridge is made of flexible memory metal, but there is no sleeve tube for the connection, so you can hardly distinguish whether it is a memory flexible glasses or ordinary metal glasses from the appearance. Because the memory metal glasses should withstand constant bending and torsion, the welding position of the connection should withstand strong strength, so the requirements for welding are very strict, and innovative welding technology must be used. So most factories can only use the sleeve connection method to make memory glasses. 
Memory flexible glasses with memory metal on the bridge
3.Memory metal is used for temple and bridge. Memory metal glasses do not mean that all materials of glasses are made of memory metal, but the innovative materials are used on the bridge or temple, some of which are both used. The bridge and temple of the memory glasses below are made of tough memory metal. The super tough temple can quickly recover to its original appearance no matter how you bend or twist it. You can use it as you like, and it is more comfortable to wear. At the same time, it also allows it to adapt to more different sizes of face.
Memory metal is used for temple and bridge
4.Memory metal material is used for the temple of carving groove. Many kinds of memory glasses can be found in the glasses market or on some online shopping platforms, but most of the memory metal surfaces used are flat or round lines with no texture on them. This is because the memory metal parts have to endure repeated bending, squeezing, and the texture will reduce the strength of the metal. So you will find that the surface of the flexible part of most memory glasses is smooth and flat. The bridge and temple of the memory eyeglass below are made of tough memory metal, but the temple is carved with concave texture, which can still withstand various strict bending, squeezing or high and low temperature tests. Therefore, it has higher requirements for memory materials and technology, which is a breakthrough in memory metal glasses technology.
Memory metal material is used for the temple of carving groove
5.The bridge on this combination metal and acetate glasses uses memory metal. The top ones are metal or titanium memory glasses, while the bottom one is a metal and acetate combination frames. The eyebrow of the glasses is made of the current fashion acetate, the front frames is made of stainless steel, and the bridge is made of memory metal. Most common memory glasses are metal frame or titanium frame, and this structure gives consumers more choices. Of course, more materials can also be combined, such as horn, wood, etc., which provides the possibility to create a full series and functions of memory glasses.
Memory glasses combined with acetate


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