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How to wear eyewear correctly?

21-08-07 15:57:24    By Bestsea eyewear

It is undeniable that with the improvement of living standards and the increasing popularity of electronic products, more and more people wear myopia eyewear and sunglasses. Nowadays, there are more and more types of eyewear, such as acetate eyewear, metal eyewear, titanium eyewear and some horn eyewear made of natural materials. The process is more complicated than before. The price of a good pair of eyewear is generally very expensive, but many people know very little about eyewear and don't know how to protect their eyewear.

How to wear eyewear correctly?

1: Take off the eyewear with both hands. Wearing eyewear with one hand for a long time will deform the eyewear. In particular, perforated eyewear will not only deform and loosen the screws, but also cause the lens to break in severe cases.

Take off your eyewear while sleeping

2: Do not wear eyewear when participating in strenuous exercise, so as not to be deformed due to collisions until the structure is damaged and the lens is broken.

Don't wear eyewear during strenuous exercise

3: Do not wear eyewear when sleeping or lying on the table to avoid deformation of the eyewear. If the eyewear are loose or deformed, please go to a professional shop to adjust them with professional tools by a processing engineer. Do not adjust by yourself to avoid damage.

Take off your eyewear while sleeping

4: If the eyewear are dirty or soaked in sweat or cosmetics, they should be washed with a little soap immediately with clean water, and tested with a paper towel or special lens cleaner. 

5: Do not use stained glasses, sunglasses and color-changing glasses with strength in the dark. Because these eyewear have low transmittance, it will affect the clarity of vision. 

6: Do not wear eyewear in the environment above 50℃, such as sauna bath, under the windshield of a car, so as to prevent the lens film from falling off or the eyewear frame aging accelerates. 

Do not wear eyewear in the environment above 50℃

7: Do not frequently demonstrate the deformation of the memory material frame, so as not to break at the connection or welding; pay special attention to the memory material will lose its memory function in an environment below minus 10 degrees. At this time, too much bending will cause fracture or deformation that is difficult to recover.  

8: Customers with metal allergies should choose synthetic material frames or install anti-corrosion temple tip on metal temples to avoid skin contact with metal. 

9: When not wearing, put the eyewear into the glasses case. The way of placing the eyewear should also develop a fixed habit. First wrap the lens with flannel, then close the left frame, and then close the right frame. To prevent the eyewear from being stressed, you can put the eyewear in a hard glasses storage box. 

10: Once the mirror surface of the eyewear is scratched, it will obviously affect its optical correction performance, so it is necessary to maintain and check the eyewear regularly, and update them in time, so that they are always in good working condition. Ordinary myopia patients usually change their eyewear every two years, and adolescents whose power changes very quickly are best to change their eyewear every six months to a year. 

check the eyewear regularly

I spent a lot of money on the glasses that I like. If it is damaged for my own reasons, I will definitely feel distressed. I hope that the above tips on wearing glasses will help you.

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