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What are the advantage of acetate eyeframes?

22-08-05 15:32:39    By Bestsea eyewear

Acetate glasses frame can be said to be a timeless frame in the eyewear market. acetate can be made into a variety of popular colors, or printed with different patterns, changing with the change of the trend, because of its strong ability to follow the trend. More and more consumers love it.

acetate sheet with different patterns

Nowadays, most of the material of the acetate frame is made of high-tech plastic memory sheet, most of which are acetate fibers, and a few high-end frames are made of propionate. The acetate fiber sheet is divided into injection molding,pressing and grinding type. The injection molding, as the name suggests, is made by pouring a mold, but at present most acetate eyewear are pressed grinding processing

Glasses of different materials have different advantages, which are determined by its own material properties. What are the advantages of acetate eyewear different from other material eyewear?

Let me tell you about the advantages of acetate glasses:

1. Not easy to burn. During the production process, if the baking processing temperature exceeds 130℃, the sheet will foam.

2. Good strength and durability

3. The gloss is good. After the sheet material is polished and polished, it will emit a long-hidden luster. If you want the gloss of the whole pair of acetate eyeglasses to have a clear and smooth line sense, high-level sense, this requirement is related to the eyewear engineers and eyewear manufacturers. production technology. When the engineer draws the drawings, he must consider how to express the line sense of the frame. When it comes to production, the technician must grasp the polishing, the time of the roller and the operation method.

4. Beautiful style, keeping up with the trend of the times. As long as the customer can think of it, the designer can draw it, and the acetate board manufacturer can produce it.

acetate sheet with rich colors

5. Not easy to be allergic

6. It has a certain elasticity. When it is slightly bent or stretched and then loosened, the shape memory board will return to its original state.

7. It is also suitable for people with high myopia. Because the frame is large, it can withstand thick lenses.

8. Besides ordinary acetate board materials, other environmentally friendly materials and recyclable materials are also applied.

At the same time, acetate eyewear frames are easier to match with clothing, with rich colors and variable styles, with thickness of acetate and luster texture of metal, streamlined polished lines and rich color lamination frames, which are integrated with your dresss and let you in stand out from the crowd.

outstanding acetate sunglasses

So what are the disadvantages of acetate frames? In fact, the shortcomings of the acetate glasses frame are not very obvious, but compared with the metal eyewear and titanium eyewear, the acetate glasses frame is easy to deform when it is taken off with one hand for a long time.


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