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What are the benefits of acetate frames?

22-11-14 10:11:32    By Bestsea eyewear

How popular are acetate eyewear with consumers now?With the development of acetate glasses manufacturing technology and the development of cellulose acetate material production technology, the current acetae frame has changed from the rigid image in the past to various dazzling colors and shapes There are not only high-gloss colored acetate frame, but also exquisite acetate eyeglasses made of fine carving and combination. Whether it is acetate optical or acetate sunglasses, they have become the mainstream of mid-to-high-end eyewear frames in the market. 

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What are the benefits of acetate frames?

One of the advantages of acetate glasses is that it has certain elasticity, and is combined with metal copper needles to strengthen its firmness. When it is slightly bent or tightened, the memory acetate will return to its original state.Its characteristics are not easy to burn, relatively light, not easy to change color after ultraviolet radiation, high hardness, good gloss, durable, beautiful style, and not easy to deform after wearing.


Cellulose acetate is a kind of environmentally friendly product. It will not be affected by human skin or body secretions,Therefore, there is no side effect on human skin and is loved by consumers. Good transparency, easy coloring, good hand feel, not easy to aging, not easy to burn and other characteristics, providing glasses manufacturers with a carrier that can be implement creativity. Therefore, colorful acetate eyeglasses have appeared, providing consumers with more choices.

The previous acetate glasses were mainly hand-made, and the style was relatively single. With the development of acetate glasses technology, the current acetate glasses manufacturing adds a lot of advanced machines, so it can be made of very complicated styles, especially combined with other materials. At the same time, the rich colors of acetate frames are very easy to match with clothing. This has great advantages over metal eyewear, titanium eyewear or horn glasses.The color of metal glasses and titanium glasses is mainly completed by electroplating and spray paint. The color is often relatively single, and the materials of horn glasses are natural, and the color options are even less available.Therefore, the color of acetate glasses is rich and colorful, which can be said to be a very big advantage.

Advanced machines

The quality of the cellulose acetate on the market is uneven, and Many acetate glasses frames with ordinary materials and technology are full of them. The low-grade acetate frame process is relatively simple.Generally, more sophisticated processes such as laminating and inlaying will not be adopted.The mid-to-high-end acetate frame often uses a variety of processes to create extraordinary colors and matching. And high-grade acetate glasses pay great attention to quality and details.From polishing to line making, it is very natural, just like a work of art.At present, most of the acetate components are acetate fiber, and a few high-grade acetate frames are propionate fiber.The acetate fiber plate is divided into injection molding type, pressing and polishing type,The injection molding type, as the name suggests, is poured with molds. At present, most acetate glasses adopt pressing and grinding process. As far as the origin of the acetate is concerned, The acetate in France and Italy are better, and those in Japan are also good,Many mid-to-high-end acetate eyewear are based on these high-quality acetate, so the quality is more trustworthy. Of course, in recent years, my country's acetate production technology has also made great progress. The quality of many types of acetate is no less than that of foreign famous brands.

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