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Why choose wooden glasses?

22-09-01 16:05:50    By Bestsea eyewear

There are so many types of eyewear on the market that if you're looking for a great pair of eyeglasses, you'll be spoilt for choice, which can quickly become a daunting task. I have a deep understanding of this feeling. For example, e-commerce platforms are very common now. Because of work, I often choose to shop online. It does bring convenience to my life. As long as I have time, I can open the shopping app at any time and make a selection. However, as the types and styles of products on the platform become more and more abundant, I have to spend more time to select and compare, and finally choose the one I like and suit me. Slowly, I summarized my shopping needs, and determined the style, material, and price of the items I wanted. After these three aspects were determined, my selection time during shopping was significantly shortened. So, if you're undecided about choosing glasses, start with your specific needs. For example, if you are tired of common acetate eyewear or metal eyewear, and want to change to a new style and experience, you can consider glasses made of natural materials, which narrows the scope a lot. At present, the common natural material glasses are: buffalo horn glasses, wood glasses. If you like nature, like flowers and trees, then wooden glasses may be a good choice and experience!
Making wooden glasses
After determining the selection direction of glasses, what kind of experience can wooden eyewear bring us?
1. It can show your style
Often, acetate eyewear frames are brightly colored, which causes people's attention to be drawn to your face. However, wooden eyewear frames will naturally blend into your face. One of the advantages of wooden eyeglasses is that it will give you a style that changes the overall look you bring, but it doesn't give you too much attention, walking in a crowd and attracting others' attention. If you are a person who likes to be low-key and unassuming, then wooden glasses will bring you a very pleasant inner experience.It is very suitable for people who are low-key and reserved but want to have their own style!
wood eyewear can show your style
2. Discarded wood eyeglasses are good for environmental protection
Nowadays, the global plastic pollution has serious pollution to the earth and the ocean. After some plastic glasses are discarded, they cannot be decomposed in a short period of time, and they will slowly accumulate, eventually turning into garbage that pollutes people's lives. Therefore, Eco-friendly glasses are slowly coming out. After these glasses are discarded, they will naturally degrade after a period of time through some methods of treatment. And discarded wooden glasses, after you throw them in the trash, will naturally corrode after a few days. In terms of the decomposition time after the glasses are discarded and the required method and environment, the wood glasses are more environmentally friendly, the decomposition is more convenient and quick, and they are not affected by the environment, and can basically be decomposed anywhere.
3, a variety of wood to choose from
When buying acetate or metal eyewear. People usually only pay attention to the color and style, and these glasses are basically the same material, either acetate or metal. But one benefit of wooden eyeglass frames: They can give you a variety of different woods.
If you want, you can also buy exotic wood eyewear frames made from fallen trees for an extra fee or legally buy wooden frames made from rare woods.
For example:Bamboo, is a wood with rings that naturally grow on its bark. Fallen millennium redwood trees are reused to make wooden glasses. This is the perfect piece of wood for someone who loves both trees and the land.
Fallen millennium redwood trees
Fallen millennium redwood trees
4. Wooden glasses are very customizable
Metal glasses, acetate glasses, and titanium eyewear are mass-produced due to the way they are produced and the cost of production. Private customized production is also possible, but few factories will accept only one pair of glasses to order raw materials, start the machine, and the loss of a pair of glasses is too expensive! Unless you go to an independent eyewear studio, the price will be very high, far exceeding the market price of acetate glasses.
And wooden glasses because of the collection value of wood itself, it is valuable to choose customization! If you have a design you like and a color you like, then you can create a pair of wooden glasses that are exclusive to you! You can't find a second pair of glasses on the market just like yours!
Or if you have a limited budget and just want to buy a pair of wooden glasses made of ordinary wood, you can still create them a second time by painting them in your favorite color or sticking crystals or beads on the frame. This is also a personal customization.
These unique experiences are not found in other glasses, and these can only be brought to you by wood sunglasses!
wood sunglasses


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