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Why is it easy to be myopic to read while lying down?

22-10-06 10:49:07    By Bestsea eyewear

Why is it easy to be myopic to read while lying down? 
Myopic patients need to wear eyewear in daily life and work, but it will cause extra burden on the face. Although there are many styles of glasses, such as some fashionable acetate eyewear, metal eyewear or titanium eyewear, there are many colors and styles to choose from, some glasses can make users look more elegant . Sunglasses, in particular, are listed as clothing, and with different colors of clothes, they are essential equipment for many people. However, for short-sighted people, most people are still reluctant to wear glasses if they have a choice. Therefore, how to protect the eyes, or prevent myopia from deepening, has become a topic that everyone cares about. Many people like to lie down and read books because they feel more comfortable. This article mainly talks about lying down and reading a book can lead to myopia or deepen myopia.
reading while lying down is easy to be myopic
Why does lying down and reading lead to myopia? Because after a person lies down, the contact area between the body and the support surface (such as the bed) increases, the pressure becomes smaller, and the human body is in a comfortable state, so the nerve center will make people feel sleepy, so as to promote the brain and body to rest. At this time, the human brain is relatively slow, and the memory is also greatly reduced, which is not conducive to learning. Moreover, the eyes are easy to fatigue when lying down and reading, and the elasticity of eye muscle fibers becomes smaller, so it is easy to be nearsighted. When reading and writing, it is best to keep your eyes about a foot away from the book.
So how to write and read books is correct?
Correct reading, writing and sitting posture
1. Keep your fingers one inch away from the tip of the pen when writing. Some people are used to holding their fingers very close to the tip of the pen when writing, so that the eyes cannot see the font, the head is tilted to one side, and the distance between the eyes and the notebook is inconsistent, which will lead to inconsistent vision of both eyes over a long period of time, resulting in poor eyesight. Therefore, when writing, the fingers must be one inch away from the tip of the pen, the head is straight, and the body is straight, so that it will not affect the eyesight.
2. When reading and writing, the eyes are one foot away from the book: the physiological function of the eyes is as follows: the farther you look, the greater the adjustment of the eyeball, and it is beneficial to the human eyes to often look far away. If the distance between the eye and the book is too close, the adjustment of the eyeball will be more tense, which will often cause excessive fatigue of the eyeball, thereby damaging your vision.
3. For students, when writing and reading, keep a fist distance between the front chest and the edge of the table, the only way to keep the chest straight. If you bend over, the thoracic organs will be compressed, which will affect breathing, affect blood circulation, and thus affect the growth and development of the body. In the long run, it will form a hunchback, abnormal curvature of the spine, and affect vision.

I hope the above knowledge will be helpful to you, protect your eyes and stay away from myopia. Some people like to wear glasses, that's okay, you can choose sunglasses with UV protection, or plain glasses with blue light protection, which will not only beautify your appearance, but also protect your eyes. 

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