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Why wear sunglasses?

22-10-08 16:53:16    By Bestsea eyewear

Why wear sunglasses?

Sunglasses are becoming more and more popular now and have become a fashion. Undoubtedly, people's pursuit of beauty is one of the factors for the popularity of sunglasses. For example, the currently popular Acetate Sunglasses and Metal Sunglasses, because of their diverse styles and colors,have become part of people's daily wear. Wearing different clothes and wearing different sunglasses has gradually become a fashion for many beauty lovers. In addition to bringing beauty to people, sunglasses also have the most important function of protecting people's eyes from ultraviolet radiation.
UV rays are a type of light that is harmful to the eyes, and the damage from UV rays can accumulate. Since ultraviolet light is invisible light, it is difficult for people to perceive it intuitively. Eye experts suggest that when we are outdoors, especially in summer with strong sunlight, we should wear sunglasses frequently to protect our eyes, because our eyeballs are very easy to absorb ultraviolet rays and are damaged by ultraviolet rays.
Dazzling sunlight
UV damage has the following two main characteristics.
1. The damage of ultraviolet rays to the eyes is irreversible, that is, irreparable. Such as cataract surgery can only be replaced by intraocular lenses. Long-term damage to the eye can easily lead to damage to the cornea and  retina, clouding of the lens until cataract occurs, resulting in permanent visual damage.
2. Since the damage of ultraviolet rays to the eyes is invisible, it cannot be felt immediately. If you don’t wear glasses, you will not feel particularly uncomfortable. It just means that your eyes are not sensitive to visible light (such as dazzling glare, glare, and reflected light) and can’t avoid UV damage.
Beauty with sunglasses
So, in order to protect your eyes, it is best to wear sunglasses when you go out. So how to choose a pair of sunglasses with UV protection? There are many types of sunglasses now, such as Acetate eyewear, Metal eyewear, Titanium eyewear and Horn eyewear, etc. It is often difficult for consumers to choose, and the price does not represent Whether it has this function, we must choose the products of the regular brand, or know whether the lenses of the sunglasses have the function of anti-ultraviolet through the manual, and at the same time choose the regular store to buy, you can consult the product salesman,who will tell you whether the glasses have the function of ultraviolet protection.
To sum up, when choosing  glasses, it is very important not only to wear them to make yourself more beautiful, but also to use the function of UV protection,which is also very important.

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